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Barley - Portland Set

Barley – Portland Set available at N21

Designed to fit seamlessly with kitchen decor, alcove room or even the back porch! The set includes Upper Cabinets, Washer and Dryer, Pedestal Table, Laundry Shelf, Trays and Signs. Flowers and vine soften the hard lines and make this charming!

Set :

  • Barley – Portland Set – Washing Machine – 3Li

  • Barley – Portland Set – Dryer – 2Li

  • Barley – Portland Set – Laundry Shelf, Trays, & Sign – 2Li

  • Barley – Portland Set – Back Table – 6Li

  • Barley – Portland Set – Cabinets – 1Li

  • Barley – Portland Set – Basket – 1Li





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