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Barley - Havana

Barley – Havana Chair available at Bloom

The Havana Chair takes us to the tropical country of Cuba where brilliant flowers bloom and the colors are vibrant. The sweet hibiscus flower was the inspiration for this piece and the chair has the color options of yellow, green and pink. The soft top sits above a metal pedestal with a large disk bottom. Inside or outside, this unique seating area will be a showstopper.

Available in 3 colours (green, pink , yellow) and in PG and Adult version

  • Barley Home & Decor – Havana Chair – Yellow – 7Li


Barley – Mexico Butterfly Ring and Lantern available at Belle

Barley’s Lantern and Butterfly Decor gives an artistic nod to our neighbors in the sun filled south, Mexico! The Lantern is available in 3 versions; dark, weathered, and acajou and each comes with copper, gold, and silver options. The Butterfly Decor has the options of copper, gold, and silver.

  • Barley Home & Decor – Mexico Lantern – Weathered/Silver – 1Li

  • Barley Home & Decor – Mexico Butterfly Ring – SILVER – 2Li





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