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[Rezz Room] - Shiba Inu

[REZZ ROOM] – Shiba Inu Animesh (Companion) available at Uber

Fatpack contains adult and puppy Shiba Inu Animesh companion

ANIMESH (companion) (rezzable and wearable)

Animesh animates with your avatar, when you walk, run, or stay inactive.

It’s the same pet to wear (add) or rez on floor.

Land Impact varies but in general , we are near 40 li.






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Little Branch

Wild Oak Tree

Little Branch – Wild Oak Tree

  • LB_WildOakTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons – 7Li

  • LB_WildOakTree.v3{Animated}*4Seasons – 8Li

  • LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-B – 2Li

  • LB_OakGrass_Spring{Mesh} – 2Li

  • LB_OakGrass_Fall*Summer{Mesh} – 2Li

  • LB_Hill{Low Li} – 1Li




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Venus Hot Tub 

Astralia - Venus Hot Tub Set

Astralia – Venus Hot Tub Set available at Uber

Venus Hot Tub Garden set is available in Adult and PG

Color HUD included!

Change all the parts to White, Pink, Sky, Lilac, Beige, Black and choose from 7 wood options for the base.

Set :

  • Astralia – Venus Hot Tub (simple version) – 6Li

  • Astralia – Venus Hot Tub with water effects (the water splashes when you walk in/out and animated particles bubbles!) – 12Li

  • Astralia – Venus Garden Gazebo – 13Li






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DaD – Rustic Garden Complete Set available at Uber

Decor pieces in rustic metal include garden spade and fork, watering can and a pile of buckets mostly all adorned with flowers and plants, except the watering can. Wall versions included.

Each piece can be used on its own or all together to add some rustic charm to your home.

Set :

  • DaD “Rustic Garden – Bundles of beauty” – 10Li

  • DaD “Rustic garden – Watering Can with lights wall – 2Li

  • DaD “Rustic garden – Watering Can with lights floor – 3Li

  • DaD “Rustic garden – Fork planter wall – 4Li

  • DaD “Rustic garden – Spade planter wall – 3Li

  • DaD “Rustic Garden planks A + B + C + D + E” – 1Li each

As bonus some wooden planks to enrich your decor! (all wooden planks are available only on fatpack)


100% original mesh

Other in the pic :

  • Hisa – Seabreeze LOD@4

  • MINIMAL – Monstera Plant RARE

  • MINIMAL – Monstera Cactus *3*

  • MudHoney Jolene Chair – Fatpack

  • MudHoney Jolene Coffee Table

  • West Village Pancake Breakfast Board





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-Hisa- Seabreeze LOD@4 available at Uber

Sunshine and gentle breezes through the numerous windows of this Floridian one story are just a few of the many features of this home. The original owners built the house in 1952 to raise their 7 children, the current owner is one of those children and they could spend hours telling you about the magical childhood they experienced growing up.

The entire home was redesigned in 2001 to open up the many smaller rooms into two large bedrooms, a grand living room, and kitchen area. The home is a truly unique design that seamlessly integrates the spacious airy feel with cozy rooms. There are two large verandas, one at the front of the house, ideal for sipping Mojiotas, and watching the world go by and a much larger lanai off of the kitchen perfectly suited to barbeque with friends and family. The luxurious master suite with walk-in closet and large ensuite bathroom will be your own private getaway at the end of the day. The double car garage that leads into the hallway and only steps from the kitchen.

This house is available in 2 LOD settings, which will be the norm from now on.

  • Hisa – Seabreeze LOD@4 – 193Li

Size: 20 x 31.5

Fits on land: 1024 sqm


Original Mesh

Others in the pic :

  • LB_BottlePalm.V1a{Animated}*Mesh

  • LB_BottlePalm.V1b{Animated}*Mesh

  • LB_AgarwoodTree{Animated}*4Seasons

  • MINIMAL – Cuba Palmtree -7-

  • MINIMAL – Monstera Plant RARE

  • MINIMAL – Monstera Plant *6*

  • MINIMAL – Monstera Plant *7*

  • MINIMAL – Monstera Plant *8*

  • MINIMAL – Monstera Plant *9*

  • MINIMAL – Monstera Cactus *2*

  • MINIMAL – Monstera Cactus *3*

  • MudHoney Jolene Chair – Fatpack

  • MudHoney Jasmine Lounger Up – Fatpack

  • West Village Fall Parasol – Cream

  • West Village Cala Cane Chair, Cream – Adult

  • MudHoney Jolene Coffee Table

  • MudHoney Jolene Lantern



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MINIMAL – Little GreenHouse available at Uber

Beautiful green house to cultivate plants and make them grow

Also really cool house for sim decorators with a door script open/close included.

Landimpact: 38.

Size: 7x12x8.

In the pic :

  • MINIMAL – Monstera Plant *4* – 3Li

  • MINIMAL – Monstera Plant *10* – 1Li

  • MINIMAL – My little appartment 02 – 6Li

  • MINIMAL – My little appartment 07 – 2Li

  • MINIMAL – Rattan Chair *6* – 9Li

  • MINIMAL – Rattan Chair *3* – 2Li

Others in the pic :

  • ChiMia:: Plant Pot – Stack/White – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Plant Pot – Cracked/White – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Old Country Wheelbarrow – 3Li

  • DaD “Antique Hydrangea pot B” – 3Li

  • crate Green Gardener Mop Bucket Tree – 6Li

  • crate Green Gardener Hanging Plant – 3Li

  • crate Green Gardener Ratten Plant – 4Li

  • crate Green Gardener Ceramic Potted Plant – 3Li

  • Apple Fall Hydrangea Bunch – Blue – 2Li

  • DISORDERLY. / Floral Tea / Teapot – 1Li

  • Hayabusa Design Wisteria Glycine M1-1 Mirai G – 6Li

  • Hayabusa Design Fofoti Tree M1-1 Mirai Gift – 5Li

  • Hayabusa Design Bonzai Wisteria Hand M1-1 Mirai G – 15Li





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