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Lovers Raft

goose - lovers raft adult

Lovers Raft is available at the current round of  COSMOPOLITAN

Let your dreams float away on the sound of calming water, alone or with your loved one. It comes in 2 colors : Pink and Dark.

All new bento animations for singles and cuddles in the PG version. The ADULT version haves another 16 sync bento animations included.

18Li, 100% original mesh, copy/mody.



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Dreamland Designs

DD Industrial Wire Lamps Set 

dreamland designs - dd industrial tree


DD Industrial Wire Lamps Set  :

  • DD Industrial Tree wire pendant lamp, 6Li, copy/mody

  • DD Industrial wire Floor lamp, 3Li, copy/mody

  • DD Industrial Rusty wire Floor lamp, 3Li, copy/mody



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Hiding Place

merak - hiding place

Merak – Hiding Place : Inspired by resting outdoor corners, comes this little hiding place.

Available in EXCLUSIVE at Access Event

  • Hiding Corner with snow, 16Li, copy/mody

  • Hiding Corner without snow, 12Li, copy/mody

Complete the scene:

Merak – Garden Ornaments 

These ornaments come in Black and Gold(Copper) Steel. The lights can be turned off and on. 5Li, copy/mody

Available at the Mainstore

Merak – Snuggly Winter Nights Set 

The Swing comes in PG and Adult version, of 9LI

The breakfast tray is 2LI, And hot water bottle is 2LI.

Items are copy/mod and can be purchased separately, or as a full pack.

Available at the Mainstore


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MADPEA Productions

Forest Cake Set MadPea Premium Group Gift

madpea - forest cake set madpea premium group gift

Forest Cake Set MadPea Premium Group Gift : this month’s Premium group gift.

A simple elegant table, a cake that looks almost too good to eat, and berries displayed in a delicate vase! Definitely a must have!


  • MadPea Winter Forest Berry Cake, 3Li, copy/mody

  • MadPea Winter Forest Berry Vase, 2Li, copy/mody

  • MadPea Winter Forest Log Table, 1Li, copy/mody

Check out Premium info

Get your Premium membership HERE



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