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Christmas Calendar GIFT

MADPEA - Christmas Calendar Gift

Christmas Calendar

Counting down the days from December 1st to Christmas with a beautiful Advent calendar is a great way to build up the excitement and suspense of the holidays.

Available for sale until January 1st at Mainstore and Marketplace

To use your Christmas Calendar: Each day of December, click on that day’s drawer to receive your daily item. If you miss a day, don’t worry, you can always go back and get it the next time you are on!

Since it includes 20 of MadPea’s holiday best sellers and 5 brand new exclusively themed items.

More info

Some GIFT :

  • MadPea Nutcracker Follower (wearable)

  • MadPea Rustic Starlight Garland : a simply sparkling piece of decor, this Rustic Starlight Garland will look good hanging in your window or against your wall as a backdrop. Land impact is 6, but may increase if you decide to resize it.

  • MadPea All is Calm – Wooden Frame : Wooden Frame is rezzable decor for your cozy winter scenes. It rezzes as a standing frame for floor or tabletop use, and is 1 LI.

  • MadPea Christmas Certificate of Good Behavior : show off your good behavior with our Christmas Certificate of Good Behavior! It’s official and signed by Santa!

    To customize your certificate, click on “Touch me to set text” to get the pop-up menu. You can then choose to enter text (up to 24 characters), with the text… button, as well as change the color of the text of the name field. Land impact is 6 and may increase if you resize the item.

  • MadPea Milk & Cookies : is rezzable decor that looks delicious with zero calories! It rezzes as a plate, cookies and mug all in one item, and is 1 LI.

  • MadPea Dashing Through Snow Dome Gold

  • MadPea Winter Wonderland Snow Dome Silver – each snow dome is menu driven. In order to pull up the menu, click and hold on your snow dome for at least three (3) seconds. This will give you options for the snow in your dome, the songs that it plays, who can access the menu, and the ability to resize the whole snow dome.

  • MadPea Tic Tac Snow Game : Whittle away the hours with your friends playing Tic Tac Snow! You will need two players to play. Rez out your tic tac toe game board. The first player to click the board will play as snowmen. The second will play as the reindeer. Once both players have joined the game, you will be told who gets to go first. Follow the instructions in local as you play, and don’t take too long between moves or you may lose your turn! The first player to get three in a row, wins! Land impact is 6.

  • MadPea Christmas Trivia : The MadPea Christmas Trivia is a rezzable, playable game for you and your friends to have some jolly fun!

    To start a game of Christmas trivia, rezz the board (5 LI) onto the ground and click it. The first round will begin and the questions will be asked in local. To answer the question, simply say it in local within chat range of the board. If you are correct, the board will tell you so, and will give you a point. If you are incorrect the board will not respond. Once the correct answer is given the board will continue with the next question automatically. Or, if no correct answer is said after a period of time, the board will advance to the next question. At the end of the round the board will tally points and announce totals. To stop the round of trivia, click the board again. The MadPea Christmas Trivia board can be copied.





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Romantic Christmas Eve FULL SET 


Merak - Romantic Christmas Eve Set and LULU's sofa GROUP GIFT

Romantic Christmas Eve Set for Acess Event

The Tent has some beautiful lights to set the mood for a Romantic Christmas !

The Blanket and the Tent are sold Separately, so that you can fit whatever you want under the tent.

You can drink a hot Choco and cozy up, or sip some wine with your loved one!

The Blanket comes in PG version only, and the blanket has 5 festive textures to choose from.

The beautiful heart wreath comes as a separate object to purchase as well, with only 2LI.

You can purchase the FatPack with a 10% Discount.

  • Merak – The Love Blanket – PG version – single and couples animations, 10Li, copy/mody

  • Merak – The Love Tent, 20Li, copy/mody

  • Merak – Love Wreath, 1Li, copy/mody

GROUP GIFT available at the Mainstore

Lulu’s Sofa is 10LI, has singles and couples animations, in PG version, copy/mody.



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What Next

Christmas Trees Farm Sign GIFT

What Next - Christmas Trees Farm Sign GIFT

Christmas Trees Farm Sign : Free gift for the Shop & Hop event,

(runs 17th Dec to 4th Jan)

The gift will be at Mainstore and Marketplace too!

Includes a version with static lights and the other with twinkling lights. 1Li,copy/mod,original mesh

Holiday Wreath : Two versions are included – a single wreath and also a framed version.
Both have texture change options.

** 50% OFF FOR THE SHOP & HOP EVENT **  Marketplace

Nordic Winter Decor Set – Red :

An 8 Piece Decor Set for Winter – Christmas, makes the perfect finishing touch for the hearth or fireplace.

3 hanging stockings with holder
3 wall art prints
2 star metal lanterns

1 land impact each
mod/copy (candle script no mod)
original mesh

Woodburning stove and surround sold separately . Marketplace

Madison Fireplace : A classic design limestone fireplace surround, which would suit many home styles, with a fixed wall panel and working fire FX menu. 7li /copy/mod (scripts no mod) , fixed back wall panel with 3 texutres: white/wood/taupe – the wall panel is designed as part of the fireplace and is NOT unlinkable, interior with 4 brick or plain texture options, working fireplace – touch logs for menu. Turn on/off, adjust fire sound or turn it off completely, light FX , touch panel for texture options.

** 50% OFF FOR THE SHOP & HOP EVENT ** Marketplace

December Potted Poinsettia :A pretty poinsettia plant, perfect for the winter season, holiday and Christmas decorating, indoors and outdoors. The pot has colours with a bow detail and the leaves have 4 options (cream or red, with or without glitter), texture-changing, 4 pot colours , 2 Li, copy/mod (script no mod).

** 50% OFF FOR THE SHOP & HOP EVENT ** Marketplace


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MADPEA Productions



MADPEA - Christmas Hunt prizes_001


MadPea Apothecary Glass Jars

Display your holiday sweets for all to see with these Apothecary Glass Jars. Adorned with holy, these jars are filled with candies to make everyone’s mouth water and sweet tooth itch for one of their very own!

Land impact is 11, but may increase if you resize the item.

MadPea’s Magical Toy Match Game

Have a little fun and test your memory with Magical Toy Match Game!

To start a game wear or rez the Magical Toy Match Game and click on any card. You will see in local that you will have two minutes to find all the matches. Click the cards to turn them over and find each match. Each mistake will cost you, however, and if you make enough mistakes, the game will reset.

There are three total rounds to play with each game.

Land impact is 13, but may increase if it is resized.

Magical Christmas Hunt – Help The Enchanted Toys To Hide!

Christmas time is here, it’s time for fun, cheer, and for Enchanted Toys! Imagine if toys suddenly came to life and ran around all over the grid? Well, now you don’t have to imagine it anymore, you can make it a reality!

The Hunt START December 10th and will run until the 24th

Hunters will need to buy a HUD to participate.

There will be extras for hunters to buy if they want to have a little extra fun while hunting: vehicles, magic wands, and outfits.

The Outfits are for sale and come in some colours. Each single color will be sold individually, and there will be a fatpack with a bonus textured outfit, which is the Santa’s Helper set.

The Santa set of jammies will be exclusive to the Mega HUD package.

Toys are available for sale at Mad City and on Marketplace

More info here




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Champagne party balloons 


Available at kustom9

Astralia – Champagne party balloons 

Come in 4 versions :

  • Astralia – Champagne party balloons (ground) black version

  • Astralia – Champagne party balloons (ground) white version

  • Astralia – Champagne party balloons (air) black version

  • Astralia – Champagne party balloons (air) white version

The texture on the bottle changes for every festive occasion : birthday, wedding ecc

And also you can change color of balloons . To change the color you can click the different mesh parts:- balloons 1- balloons 2- bottle


ASTRALIA Mainstore

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MADPEA Productions

MadPea Repurposed Ski Lifts Premium group gift


MADPEA - Repurposed Ski lift

Repurposed Ski Lifts Premium group gift : this month’s Premium group gift.

The MadPea Repurposed Ski Lifts combine a little bit of old with a lot of new flare just in time to make your Holiday decorations a bit more interesting! Grab yours today at the Premium HQ!

Come in 3 colours : Red – Green – Yellow

Check out Premium info

Get your Premium membership HERE



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SHADES furniture


SHADES - Lawrence_001

SHADES- Lawrence Corner (modular system) – Module 2

Available in EXCLUSIVE at equal10 event

3 texture options

28 animations, bento animations

6Li, copy/mody


SHADES – Lawrence Chair (modular system) – Module 3

Available in EXCLUSIVE at equal10 event

3 texture options

127 animations, bento animations

6Li, copy/mody


SHADES – Lawrence Sofa (modular system) – Module 1

Available at Mainstore

3 texture options

131 animations, bento animations

15Li, copy/mody


SHADES furniture Mainstore

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LIM – Less_Is_More

PoPArt Christmas

LIM - Less_Is_More - PopArt Christmas

PoPArt Christmas : waiting for Christmas in a POP-ART environment magically recreated by LIM – Less_Is_More.

The predominant color is red as is Christmas time. 

A modern alternative style where to enjoy holidays with friends!!!


  • LIM – Klaus v3.0  MINIMAL Design Christmas Tree,  100% Mesh, in TWO Color Variants, Copy/Mody   Marketplace

  • LIM – WhatTIMEisIT v2.0  wall clock, 100% Mesh, Capital letter Text changes every Five minutes, 9 Textures and Time Zone by on Touch Menu, Copy/Mody  Marketplace

  • LIM – Zaisu v2.0  MINIMAL Design Tatami CHAIR & TABLE, 100% Mesh, 7 Sit ANIMATIONS + ANIMATED Chair Texture, FOUR Chair Variants, TWO Table Variants (Printed and Plain Red Color), Copy/Mody  Marketplace

  • LIM – Puzzled v1.0 POP (A+)  3D Puzzle RUG , POP inspired Print, 100% Mesh, Copy/Mody  Marketplace

  • LIM – Puzzled v1.0 POP (B+)  3D Puzzle RUG , POP inspired Print, 100% Mesh, Copy/Mody  Marketplace



LIM – Less_Is_More Marketplace


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Christmas Buffet GACHA

APHRODITE - Christmas Buffet GACHA

Christmas Buffet Gacha : set 4 Rares and 12 Commons

Available at SWANK


  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Big Santa Cake RARE, 9Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Table RARE COPY VERSION, 8Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Alstromeria Flowers RARE, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” JOY sign RARE, 1Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Hot Choco mugs, 5Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” pile of plates, 1Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Egg Snowmen Platter, 3Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Peppermint Candies pyramid, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Caprese brochettes platter, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Cheese Tree & Sausages in shirt, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – Gingerbread cookies platter, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” red crinkles platter, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” cracker with cheese platter , 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Caprese appetizer platter, 2Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” donuts on plate, 1Li

  • Aphrodite – “Xmas Gacha” Winter Marshmallows Dispenser, 1Li




APHRODITE Marketplace





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