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Chill out

IONIC - Chill out

IONIC – Chill out GACHA available at Equal10

Set 1 Rare and 13 Commons :

  • ionic : Chill out – RARE – 34Li

  • ionic : Chill out – (for 2) – 5Li

  • ionic : Chill out – (for 3) – 12Li

  • ionic : Monstera deliciosa – 4Li

  • ionic : Wooden geometrical shelf – 5Li

  • ionic : Geometry balance – plant – 2Li

  • ionic : Minimalist background – 4Li

  • ionic : Color candles – 5Li

  • ionic : Creatures from the sea – (hanging plants) – 4Li

  • ionic : Painted plant – yellow – 3Li

  • ionic : Painted plant – orange – 3Li

  • ionic : Painted plant – magenta – 3Li

  • ionic : Plaster bookshelf – 6Li

In the pic :

  • ionic : La sandia fresquita – 3Li

  • ionic : Muffins & Milkshakes – 3Li

  • ionic : Empanadas & IPA – 4Li

  • ionic : Junk food – 5Li

  • DaD – Climbing Ivy – mod.01 – 2Li

  • DaD – Climbing Ivy – mod.02 – 2Li





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-Hisa- Merryweather Cottage available at Enchantment

Merryweather Cottage is a delightful thatched property with plenty of charming original details.

Throughout the property there are timber ceiling beams and exposed stone and brickwork.

The two entries to the house, the front door and the back porch both have the original doors with very unique rose stained glass pieces inset into the door. The porch at the back of the cottage opens into the comfortable living room with the original fireplace. Through the entry hall there is also a large dining room/kitchen as well as a bathroom. The gorgeous wooden staircase was painstakingly dissassembed saving each piece and even the period nails, all items were carefully repaired, restained or in the case of the handmade nails, straightened out and the entire staircase was put back together. There is one bedroom upstairs and another seating area with fireplace

  • HISA – Merryweather Cottage

Footprint: 18.7 x 15

126 Land impact LOD 4

339 Land impact LOD 2


Original Mesh

-Hisa- FLora Wildflower Grass available at Enchantment

Includes for 4 copy/mod patches of grass.

Set :

  • HISA – Flora wildflower grass – Mixed Greens – 1Li

  • HISA – Flora wildflower grass – Grass Greens – 1Li

  • HISA – Flora wildflower grass – Dark Greens – 1Li

  • HISA – Flora wildflower grass – Bright Greens – 1Li

-Hisa- Fauna Fireflies available at Enchantment

Include 8 colored lights

  • HISA – Fauna Fireflies – 4Li

In the pic :

  • [Cinoe] Morning habits – Marmalade – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Morning habits – Marmalade(Open) – 1Li

  • [Merak] – Old Stomp Table – 2Li

  • HPMD* Dirt Road – light brown – 3Li





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MINIMAL - Caleta Viewpoint Bridge

MINIMAL – Caleta Viewpoint Bridge available at Collabor88

Caleta Viewpoint Bridge:

4 modular pieces to extend as much desired and it include a linked version.

Perfect for photography and sim decorators.


  • MINIMAL – Caleta Viewpoint Bridge Full – 55Li

Size: 44x16x12.

Demo available at MINIMAL Gallery.

In the pic :

  • Apple Fall Wicker Ball Lamp – Natural

  • Apple Fall Row Boat – Cream

  • DaD – Climbing Ivy – mod.03

  • Ayla. Moroccan Corner – Patterned Pouf (camel)

  • Ayla. Moroccan Corner – Pouf (camel)

  • Ayla. Moroccan Corner – Table w/Decor

  • DD Tropical Cabana Plant

  • DaD “Beach Rock 1”

  • DaD “Beach Rock 2”

  • DaD “Beach Rock 3”

  • LB_QueenPalm{Animated}*Mesh

  • LB_BottlePalm.V3{Animated}*Mesh




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KILLERS Productions

KILLERS – White Chocolate Store available at Cosmopolitan

Discount Price at event!!!!

  • “Killer’s” White Chocolate Store- 44Li

Size 50m X 30m


Little Branch – Birch Espalier – 4Seasons – Animated available at TLC

Espalier trees are the result of intense training, in which the plants are urged to grow flat against a wall, fence, or trellis. These Birch Trees take up less space and look beautiful in front of a wall or home. The intricate design yields an intriguing visual.

  • LB_BirchEspalier{4Seasons}*Animated – 11Li


Little Branch – Potted White Birch – Animated available at Equal10

The paper birch, known as a white birch, silver birch, or canoe birch, rarely lives more than 140 years. It is a medium-sized deciduous tree that thrives outdoors and is primarily noted and praised for its beautiful white bark. This bark looks incredibly striking on younger trees making them perfectly suited for potted plants. Brilliant green and a lovely burnt orange are the two color choices, and both have matching wild grass.

  • LB_PottedWhiteBirch{Animated}*Green – 3Li


[REZZ ROOM] – Great Dane Adult Animesh (companion) available at the Mainstore

ANIMESH (companion) (rezzable and wearable)

Animesh animates with your avatar, when you walk, run, or stay inactive.

It’s the same pet to wear (add) or rez on floor.

  • [Rezz Room] Great Dane Adult Animesh ( Companion) – 44Li

In the pic : 

  • [SURPLUS MOTORS] Fellbach Turbo

  • MadPea City Traffic Light

  • VARONIS – AfterDark: Night Call // Street Light

  • MINIMAL – Wood Apartment Gacha 11

  • MINIMAL – Wood Apartment Gacha 12

  • MINIMAL – Penang Bike Blue -6-

  • MINIMAL – Penang Bike Orange -9-




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Highway Motel

IONIC - Highway Motel

IONIC – Highway Motel GACHA available at the Mainstore

Set 2 Rare and 16 Commons :

  • ionic : Highway Motel – RARE – 146Li

  • ionic : Motel Parking lot – RARE – 22Li

  • ionic : Highway Motel sign – 6Li

  • ionic : Soda Vending Machine – 6Li

  • ionic : Motel Payphone – 4Li

In the pic :

  • MINIMAL – Junkyard Classic Car RARE

  • MINIMAL – Cuba Car -10- Orange

  • [Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Animesh Companion RARE





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DaD – Positano Barn available at FaMESHed

The Positano Barn is a two room building that can be used for storage or even a home. The stairs lead to the top open level that would be great for a party. It’s been made to fit with the Positano Farm.

*Positano Barn*

Footage: 19.5x 15.0

Land Impact: 120


In the pic :

  • DaD “Eucalyptus Bowl” – 3Li

  • MadPea Happy Hooves – Haybale – 3Li

  • MadPea Happy Hooves – Hay Pile – 2Li

  • MadPea Happy Hooves – Rake (add) – 2Li

  • MadPea Happy Hooves – Barn Stool – 1Li

  • MadPea Happy Hooves – Grooming Kit – 3Li

  • MadPea Happy Hooves – Wheelbarrow – 6Li

  • MadPea Happy Hooves – Farm Tool Rack – 7Li

  • Astralia – Balcony flowers pot 2 yellow – 5Li

  • Ayla. Loft Bedroom – Wooden Slat Side Table – 5Li

  • MINIMAL – Rattan Chair *3* – 2Li

  • MINIMAL – Rattan Chair *6* – 9Li

  • MINIMAL – Rattan Chair *7* – 8Li

  • MINIMAL – Rattan Chair *8* – 2Li

  • Animated Black Horse Black Hair (TrigiGifts) – 4Li




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-Hisa- Hacienda La Veleta available at Anthem

The main house holds 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dining room, kitchen and living room. A curved staircase decorated with original tiles leads to a loft area, the bedrooms and a decorative gallery. In the courtyard you’ll find a garage and outdoor kitchen built around the beautifully gardened courtyard. Secure and private.

The walls have been restored by using the traditional masonry and old sand stones. Old beams, ceilings, floors and pillars have been preserved where possible or have been re-created.

The gate of the hacienda opens to an impressive entrance. The home which was the country residence of many noble families is completely walled. The main entrance leads to the courtyard, to your right you’ll see the original goat shed which has been converted to a garage. An outdoor kitchen with a wood fired oven was added in 1724 in it’s own covered area that has lots of room to add a table and chairs set for outdoor dining.

All of the buildings have been finished to the highest standards. Wherever you look and go you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the buildings and the gardens

  • HISA – Hacienda La Veleta

Footprint: 42 x 35

454 Land impact LOD 4

980 Land impact LOD 2


Original Mesh

-Hisa- Climbing Vines available at Anthem

Come in 4 different colors (Fall, Green, Pink, Spring Green) and 11 shapes for each color.

In this pic :

  • HISA – Climbing Vines – Green B – 5Li

  • HISA – Climbing Vines – Green C – 1Li

  • HISA – Climbing Vines – Green E – 4Li

  • HISA – Climbing Vines – Green F – 3Li

In the pic :

  • HPMD* WildGrasses -green- a – 2Li

  • HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens- a – 1Li

  • Flora Rattan Chair (PG) CHEZ MOI – 11Li

  • Flora Rattan Sofa (PG) CHEZ MOI – 16Li

  • .:revival:. rattan pillow basket – 4Li

  • .:revival:. rattan table – 4Li

  • MINIMAL – Rattan Chair *4* – 1Li

  • Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot – White – 4Li

  • [Merak] – Winter Dining Bench (Clean) – 7Li

  • [Merak] – Winter Dining Table (Clean) – 2Li

  • Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Teapot – 1Li

  • Apple Fall Tea Tins & Tea Books – 1Li

  • Apple Fall Swan Toast Caddy & Toast – 1Li

  • Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Stacked Cups – 1Li

  • Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Plate w/ Egg, Avocado & Toast – 1Li

  • Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Plate w/ Sliced Grapefruit – 1Li





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-Hisa- SommerHus available at FaMESHed

Downstairs you’ll find the kitchen, living room and bathroom, upstairs is an enormous loft bedroom, possibly two bedrooms that provides privacy while still being able to overlook the living room.

The extra high ceiling in the living room with windows above and below create a light airy feeling in this gem.

The previous owners rented the property out as an air bnb generating a very comfortable income. Before placing the home on the market they completely renovated every inch of the house and it shows.

  • HISA – SommerHus

– upstairs Loft

-1 bedroom

-1 Bathroom

– livingroom

– kitchen

Footprint: 17 x 17

70 Land impact LOD 4

117 land impact lod 2


Original Mesh

DaD – Farmhouse Cozy Set available at Uber

Set :

  • DaD “Farmhouse Pillows Basket” – 1Li

  • DaD “Hogweed Giant in pot L” – 7Li

  • DaD “Eucalyptus Bowl” – 3Li

  • DaD “Wooden Ladder/Shelf Decor” – 4Li

APHRODITE – Industrial Charme available at Man Cave

Available in Pg and Adult version

Set :

  • <Heart Homes> “Industrial Charme” Solo Seat – 6Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Industrial Charme” Couple Couch – 13Li

  • <Heart Homes>”Industrial Charme” Side Table – 3Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Industrial Charme” Table Blankert – 2Li

  • <Heart Homes>”Industrial Charme” Candle A – 2Li

  • <Heart Homes>”Industrial Charme” Candle B – 2Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Industrial Charme” Rug – 1Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Industrial Charme” Couch Table – 3Li

In the pic :

  • MudHoney Tula Chandelier – White – 1Li

  • West Village Chinoise Cabinet – Cream – 6Li

  • <Aphrodite> Summer peonies 4 frames set – 1Li

  • <Aphrodite> Summer peonies pitcher – 2Li

  • <Aphrodite> Summer peonies bouquet – 1Li

  • <Aphrodite> Summer peonie alone – 1Li

  • MudHoney Miranda Drapes – Sheer – 12Li



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KILLERS Productions

KILLERS – Royal Swan Fountain available at Cosmopolitan

Discount Price at event!!!!

  • “Killer’s” Royal Swan Fountain (Animated) – 10Li


KILLERS – Rustic Bark Bridge available at Cosmopolitan

Discount Price at event!!!!

  • “Killer’s” Rustic Bark Bridge – 11Li





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