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Esoteric Rituals

Spell - Esoteric Rituals

SPELL – Esoteric Rituals available at the Mainstore

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Set 1 RARE and 11 Commons :

  • SPELL : Pagan Ritual – RARE – 157

  • SPELL : Candles to hold – 5

  • SPELL : Herbs Ritual – 6

  • SPELL : Magical Lantern – Decor – 3

  • SPELL : Magical Lantern – TO WEAR

  • SPELL : Memories – 5

  • SPELL : Ritual Column – 3

  • SPELL : Ritual Knife – 1

  • SPELL : Ritual Table – 7

  • SPELL : Sacred Runes- 3

  • SPELL : The Eye – 2

  • SPELL : The Pyramid – 2



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Dreams of stars

IONIC - Dreams of stars

Ionic – Dreams of stars available at the Mainstore



Set 2 RARES and 15 Commons :

  • ionic : Dream of Stars {Dark} – RARE – 153Li

  • ionic : Dream of Stars {Light} – RARE – 153Li

  • ionic Dream chair + pillow – 4Li

  • ionic : Dream Chair – 4Li

  • ionic : Antique telescope – 7Li

  • ionic : Antique trunk – 3Li

  • ionic : Constellation lamp – 4Li

  • ionic : Firmament ball – 2Li

  • ionic : Heart rug {purple} – 5Li

  • ionic : Heart rug {pink} – 5Li

  • ionic : Moon nightstand – 5Li

  • ionic : Neon Planet – 1Li

  • ionic : Spheres – 3Li

  • ionic : Windchime {silver} – 4Li

  • ionic : Windchime {gold} – 4Li

  • ionic : Wooden garland (A) – 1Li

  • ionic : Wooden garland (B) – 1Li



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Spell Mainstore

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Spell Flickr Group Pool

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What Next

Seaclose Floating Deck

What Next - Seaclose Floating Deck

What Next – Seaclose Floating Deck available at the Mainstore

The Seaclose Floating Deck designed as an add-on for the LL Bellisseria houseboats, but would work well elsewhere but has to used on sim water (real LL water)

4 colours included to complement the houseboats – bleached, cedar, white or gray wood.

The deck is scripted with Bento animations for 1-4 avatars (or one couple), sitting on deck, water/pool animations – a fifth avatar can used the diving board, with multiple dive animations!

Rezzed using a rezzer with menu, so you can rez the full set or pieces you choose. You can reposition after rezzing. Includes long and short stairs, a wooden ladder (decor only), rope railings with little optional lights and a diving board.

Land impact: deck by itself with pool ladder: 13li

All other pieces are 1 or 2 li each.

Optional walkway piece inlcuded, as well as rope railing pieces.




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Gold fish pond with waterfall

TLC - Gold fish pond with Waterfall

│T│L│C│- Gold fish pond with waterfall available at Flourish Sales Event

Available only at Flourish Sales Event :

  • |T|L|C| Gold fish pond with waterfall, floor lights, gold fish with 9 texture options (touch to change), 26 Li (linked set), copy modify – 79L

  • |T|L|C| Heron, 1 Li, copy modify – 99L

  • |T|L|C| ‘Kingfisher with sign’, 3 Li (linked set), copy modify – 99L




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APHRODITE - HipHop 80-90ies Cake

APHRODITE – HipHop 80/90ies Cake available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

If you are going to have a Retro Party, love the 80ies or 90ies, a normal cake wont do… you need a more special cake!

The HipHop 80/90ies cake is set up with iconic items of those years, Remember the old magic cube? Pacman games? Your old Ghettobaster?

This layered cake delivers unlimited slices of choco, vanilla or lemon cake, with fork, attaching automatically to you, with eating animation. Bon Appetit!





APHRODITE Marketplace





APHRODITE Flickr Group Pool


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Eleventh Hour - Repurposed Boat Bench - Painted

Eleventh Hour – Repurposed Boat Bench available at the Flourish Event

Repurposed Boat Bench, 3 different color choices sold separately at a discounted price of 99L each. Once Event ends price will go back up to original.

Singles – 10 Animations

Couples – 9 Animations

14Li, copy/mody







ELEVENTH HOUR Flickr Group Pool


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ChiMia - Vintage Fair 2019

ChiMia – Vintage Fair 2019 at the Fair

ChiMia is at this year’s round of Vintage Fair with vintage themed home and garden items at 50% off their normal prices.

  • New poster print: Vintage Tourism Poster

  • Francais Cafe Set – table, chair, newspaper, coffee cup, book, and ashtray in one pack – 50% off

  • Victorian Street Lamp – 50% off

  • Welsh Dressers – 50% off

  • Retro Telephone – 50% off

  • Vintage Ovens – 50% off



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Beach Set 

Merak - Beach Set

Merak – Beach Set available at Belle

Set of beach mat with towel, with only 4Li and couples and singles animations.

Along with it, have made a little wicker table where you can put the cupcakes plate, which is also a dispenser and gives out cupcakes, that you can wear.

The cupcakes have a bento pose with them and 3 colors.

Set :

  • [Merak] – Beach Mat with Towel – 4Li

  • [Merak] – Little Wicker Table – 3Li

  • [Merak] – Mer Cupcakes – 2Li


In the scene :

Merak – Summer Beach Tent available at the Mainstore

  • [Merak] – Summer Tent – 10Li






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