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Terrifying Tale Trail – Hunt Game – Prizes

MADPEA - Terrifying Tale Trail - HUNT GAME - Prizes

MADPEA – Terrifying Tale Trail – Hunt Game – Prizes

MadPea’s Terrifying Tale Trail : 35 amazing stores, 35 prizes, Achievements and a unique scary story with puzzles is playable


A world famous candy company Baaga Bay Corporation has created a viral contest for Halloween: They have released special candy that actually contains a MAP! That’s right! The kids who get all the map pieces together from the wrappers and find the location will be rewarded with LIFETIME SUPPLY OF CANDY!!! How amazing is that!

Would you like to eat candy for the rest of your life?! Who wouldn’t?! MadPea is so excited about this opportunity that are sharing the news from Baaga Bay Corporation with you and have helped them to pick carefully selected Candy Vendors around the grid and provide them with some special editions of their yummy sweet treats.

A map leading to delicious rewards is hidden inside the wrappers. All you have to do is go trick or treating and piece the map together… Sounds easy right?


Guide for Players here

Some Prizes :

Refuge – Mortem Frame

  • Refuge – Mortem Frame – 4Li

TLC – The Werewolf in You

Included a sound which you are able to control the volume

  • TLC ‘The Werewolf in You’ – 3Li

/anxietyHOME/  – BABUSHKA 

  • anxiety%HOME / BABUSHKA rocking chair – 4Li

KraftWork Loves Me, Loves Me Not Frames

  • KraftWork Loves Me, Loves Me Not Frame Brown – 3Li

Serenity Style-Witches Broom Parking

  • Serenity Style-Witches Broom Parking – 4Li

:Z.S: – Skull Wall Decor

  • :Z.S: Skull Wall decor – grey – Materials – 1Li

crate – Bat Orb

  • crate Bat Orb – 2Li

friday – Witch’s Brew Mug

  • friday – Witch’s Brew Mug (MadPea) – 1Li

HILL – Soft Cinnamon Donuts

  • HILL ~ Donut Sign – 1Li

  • HILL ~ Soft Cinnamon Donuts – 1Li






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