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Christmas Adventure Calendar with a mystery to solve

MADPEA - Christmas Calendar 2019 - Prizes 2

MADPEA – Christmas Adventure Calendar available at the MadPea Mainstore

MadPea’s Christmas Adventure Calendar : Murder on the MadPea Express.

Starting December 1st and running until January 6th

With 48 amazing prizes to collect as the enthralling story-line develops.

A horrifying murder is discovered when a long distance train MadPea Express P34 loses its power and gets stuck for the cold night in Colorado.

You – the clever detective – are called in to help the Police to solve the compelling mystery.

Find out what really happened on the MadPea Express and get massive rewards!

  • 1 Murder Victim

  • 23 suspects

  • 25 Daily Clues & Quests

  • 48 Themed Prizes

  • 4 Achievements

This package contains :

  • HUD Calendar

  • MadPea Express Train decoration


Each Day wear the Calendar HUD and click on the Drawer corresponding to the date.

You will receive:

1. A Slurl to a random location of our collaborators. Use the TP button and follow your Radar to find a BLOCK from the location. You can inspect the Block by using your Arrow Keys or WASD.

2. A Clue to the Murder Mystery that will be offered to you as an inventory item. The Murder Mystery story unravels on a daily basis giving you clues, evidence and surprises! You will be also collecting Achievements during this adventure.

Don’t worry if you miss a day: You can go back to click past days with this Calendar and the Prizes are available until January 7th. So even if you purchase the Calendar on January 6th, you’re able to get everything.

Once you have collected all the 24 BLOCKS, you will have what you need to solve a Puzzle to get to the end game.

Collect all the blocks and on Day 25 you are entering the main prize area to collect 24 more prizes!



In the pic Some prizes :

  • MadPea Gift Wrapped TV – Snow w/Red Bow

There are two choices of wrapping for this tv (trees w/candy canes and snowflakes) and three colors of bows for each paper design (green, red, and white).

Land impact is 1

  • MadPea Candy Cane Light 

Coming in four different colors (blue, green, red, yellow), simply click on each rezzed Candy Cane Light to toggle through on, blinking, and off.

Land impact is 2, but may increase if item is resized.

  • {RW} Holly Jolly Winter Sleigh Snowglobe – 3Li


  • CONVAIR White Holiday Table (wall) – 11Li

  • {moss&mink} Hanging Baubles – 4Li

  • F&M * Holiday Wood Sphere on Pedestal [White] – 2Li

  • [Boomerang] – Snowman Sled – Madpea Advent 2019 (wearable)





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