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Rocket Backpack and Fireworks

MADPEA - Rocket Backpack

MADPEA – Rocket Backpack GROUP GIFT available at the MadPea Mainstore

Be the envy of all who see you, as you carry around a fully functioning fireworks display wherever you go, with your very own Rocket Backpack!

To use, add/wear the backpack and click to bring up the menu. Choose ON from the menu and let the fireworks display commence! Click the pack again and choose OFF to turn off your fireworks. You can also choose to MUTE the sound, if you wish, or need to.

In the menu, you can choose to hide the backpack straps, as well has choose one of six colors for your pack to be: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, or Tan.

Item is wearable and can be resized manually.

The MadPea Rocket Backpack is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team

MADPEA – Fireworks available at the MadPea Mainstore

The MadPea Fireworks are the perfect way to cap off any celebration with a bang – literally! Simply rezz the fireworks on the ground and click the crate to turn on the dazzling show. Click the crate again to turn the show off.

For best effect set your windlight to a dark setting or set the sun position to Midnight, ensure your graphics preferences allow particles to be shown, and turn sounds on.

The rezzed crate is 1 LI.

The MadPea Fireworks are copy only.

The MadPea Fireworks are 100% Original Mesh made by MadPea Design







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