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Vintage Dishes

MudHoney - Vintage Dishes Blue

MudHoney – Vintage Dishes available at The Food Court

32 pieces in each color pack (3 colors available), blue, white, yellow. Each piece is only 1 land impact.


MudHoney – Kitchen Clutter Gacha available at the Mainstore 

15 commons, 2 rares, 1 ultra rare

Mixer and toaster (rares) are texture change!

MudHoney – Clio Kitchen available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

Clio Kitchen


– Available in a package

– 8 color choices (white, teak, gray, drift, cream, cherry, blue, black)

– 27 pieces included – 12 top cabinets (some have right and left options), 5 base cabinets, 3 specialty cabinets, 4 filler panels, island, sink, and shelf.

– Base cabinets and sink have texture change counters (6 choices)

– Island has 11 single animations, 6 pg couples, and 4 friend animations.

– Sink has 3 single animations, and 2 pg couples.

– 1-2 land impact each


– Available in a package (Fridge, Range, Range hood, Microwave, and Dishwasher)

– 3 color choices (black, silver, white)

– Range has 3 single animations and 3 pg couple’s animations






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MudHoney Marketplace

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