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DaD – The Time is Pipe Collection GACHA available at The Epiphany


The time is ripe for some fun and laughter!!!

This gacha includes:

  • 01 -DaD- The Time is Pipe – “Will you…? Pipe boy + Pipe girl” RARE

  • 02 -DaD- The Time is Pipe- Chef Pipe

  • 03 -DaD- The Time is Pipe- Baseball Catcher

  • 04 -DaD- The Time is Pipe- Baseball Hitter

  • 05 -DaD- The Time is Pipe- Mop-Pipe

  • 06 -DaD- The Time is Pipe- Detective Pipe

  • 07 -DaD- The Time is Pipe- Macho Pipe

  • 08 -DaD- The Time is Pipe- FisherPipe

  • 09 -DaD- The Time is Pipe- Thinker Pipe

  • 10 -DaD- The Time is Pipe- Charlie Chapipe


Menu light by touch (on-off, intensity, color, access)

100% original mesh

DaD – Tribeca Loft – GROUP GIFT available at the Mainstore

The Tribeca Loft is a skybox made with interior brick and neutral grey walls and wood floors. It also has 7 beautiful scenes of the New York skylines. Great space for living or an office, really many uses.

The Loft is industrial-style consists of a large living room, a separate area to use as a bedroom. With a sliding door leads to another room / bathroom.
The loft has 7 scenary with views of New York City day-sunset and night.
Vintage street lamps on the ceiling complete the loft.

all open/closed by touch

– skybox with 7 New York City scenary
– Vintage Lamp on/off
– size: 29,4x 24,5 (with privacy cube)
– 47 Li
– copy /mod

DaD – NoHo Living Set available at Anthem

Grunge interior style is what the NoHo living set offers. The set includes a sofa with plush cushions in a soft black color encased by distressed wood adorned with steel piping. The table is a match piece with the top made from the same worn distressed wood and steel piping legs. Two textured rugs completes the entire set to give you comfort, warmth and a style that never goes out of fashion. Perfect set for cozying up to a good book or that special someone.

It complements the NoHo Loft/Skybox currently at FaMESHed.




n° 27 single F sit

n° 20 single M sit

n° 8 Friends animations

n° 56 Cuddle couple animations


n° 27 single F sit

n° 20 single M sit

n° 8 Friends animations

n° 56 Cuddle couple animations

n° 55 Adult Couple animations

Set :

  • DaD – NoHo SOFA – 10Li

  • DaD – NoHo coffee table – 4Li

  • DaD – NoHo Rugs – 3Li


100% original mesh.




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