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Flourish Jan 2020

ChiMia – Flourish available at Flourish Event

ChiMia has joined the revamped discount sales event Flourish as a guest for the January 2020 round to bring you great deals on cozy seasonal items.

These items are out at the event for the low price of L$70-99 each:

  • ChiMia:: Francais Cafe Ashtray – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Francais Cafe Book – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Francais Cafe Cup – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Francais Cafe Newspaper – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Francine Chair (PG) [S1 gr plants] – 1Li

and more…

In the pic :

ChiMia – Kobenhavn Loft available at the Mainstore

Skybox apartment which has one big room with divider open shelving, wooden floors, and windows to see out to the sky. Available in 4 different color : Clean Bright, Moody Grunge, Teal and Teal mix.

Footprint is about 10m x 40m x 9m.

58 land impact

Demos available in mainstore.

Original mesh by our own Jack (Markus Slingshot).







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