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MadPea’s Cupid Catastrophe : Tomorrow!

MADPEA - Static Hunt Weapons

MADPEA – MadPea’s Cupid Catastrophe : Tomorrow!

The MadPea Valentine’s Hunt : Cupid Catastrophe start tomorrow!

This seasonal grid-wide hunt will run from February 1st to February 15th.

For two amazing weeks the SL-verse will be filled with thrilling grid-wide fun in the form of searching beautiful lands for those annoying Cupids and squishing them before they cause the usual troubles!

The Cupittos are already available for sale!

You can already buy them at Mad City or on the Marketplace 

If you own land; a store, a club or a sim and you are willing to open it up to the public, all you have to do is buy your Cupittos and hide them and watch as hunters come running!

The Hunters will be using their HUDs to search participating areas for as many Cupittos as they could possibly squish for hunt points! Each squish could also win shiny instant prizes. Plus they will be collecting MadPoints that they can use to buy ANYTHING from the MadPea Main Store (excluding gift cards, Game HUDs and gachas). In addition they will be competing for weekly top positions on the leaderboard as well as collect collective points to unlock MEGA PRIZES!

Each Cupittos has a different duration and the pricing is based on the on the length of time they offer. The Cupittos will disappear after the duration is over. You may have several Cupittos per parcel / region.

The Cupittos are sold individually or in packs.


There will be two HUD package options to choose from :

  • Cupid Chaser’s HUD Pack – L$100 (includes the hunt HUD and a basic weapon to use while hunting – Fool’s Flyswatter)

  • Cupid Conqueror’s HUD Package – L$500 (includes the hunt HUD, basic weapon, an outfit (male & female), special weapon – (The Dominator 2020), and a vehicle)

MadPea Women’s Cupid Catastrophe Outfit come with Cupid Conqueror’s HUD Package

The Cupid Castastrophe Oufit Female Pack comes with three color options for each item (dress, sash, wings) giving you the option to wear whichever you choose with each other.

Sizes for dress and sash included are:

Maitreya (Mait.)
Legacy (Leg.)
Physique (Phys.)
Hourglass (HG)
eBody Curvy (eCur.)
eBody Classic (eClas.)
Tonic Curvy (TCur.)
Tonic Fine (TFine)

The MadPea Cupid Catastrophe MALE and FEMALE Outfits are made using UNDERGROUND mesh

MADPEA – Hunt Weapons

These are the Cupid Crushers that will be available to hunters.

All hunters receive one weapon with the basic hud package (Fool’s Flyswatter),

Mega hud pack includes a second weapon (The Dominator 2020),

Premium Group members will have the option to purchase a premium only weapon option (Breakup Bazooka)

All other Cupid Crushers will be in a gacha

Cupid Crushers GACHA for hunters to play, offering different weapon choices to use during the hunt. 

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Pistol of Pain

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Manipulator’s Machine Gun

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Malicious Mallet

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Ghoster’s Gatling Gun

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Liar’s Longsword

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Heartbreak Hammer

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Divorce Darts

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Cheater’s Cleaver Black

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Complainer’s Cutlass

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Axe of Anger

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Bitchin’ Bow

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Bitchin’ Bow Quiver


For this hunt, hunters will be tracking down Cupittos to find cupids that will earn them MadPoints, as well as points toward a leaderboard to earn daily rewards and unlock prizes. Once prizes are unlocked they will be available for ‘purchase’ with their MadPoints.

Hunters will also have a chance to collect shiny prizes from a special shiny cupid!








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