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MadPea’s Cupid Catastrophe – Prizes

MADPEA - Cupid Catastrophe - Prizes 4_001

MADPEA – MadPea’s Cupid Catastrophe – Prizes


Some days to play!!!!

The MadPea Valentine’s Hunt run from February 1st to February 15th.


There are two HUD package options to choose from :

  • Cupid Chaser’s HUD Pack – L$100 (includes the hunt HUD and a basic weapon to use while hunting – Fool’s Flyswatter)

  • Cupid Conqueror’s HUD Package – L$500 (includes the hunt HUD, basic weapon, an outfit (male & female), special weapon – (The Dominator 2020), basic weapon (Fool’s Flyswatter) and a vehicle)

MadPea Men and Women’s Cupid Catastrophe Outfits come with Cupid Conqueror’s HUD Package


For this hunt, hunters will be tracking down Cupittos to find cupids that will earn them MadPoints, as well as points toward a leaderboard to earn daily rewards and unlock prizes. Once prizes are unlocked they will be available for ‘purchase’ with their MadPoints.

Hunters will also have a chance to collect shiny prizes from a special shiny cupid!

In the pic :   


  • MadPea Emotional Support PeaPea Robot

    The Emotional Support PeaPea Robot is designed to integrate smoothly into the day to day life of the properly designated user, providing social interactions and emotional support. Programmed full of cheerful messages and playful auditory stimuli, this insanely adorable robot is also capable of emotive expression through the frontal visual port to increase the calming and uplifting effect during interface. In summary, PeaPea is a true friend until the very end… of its battery life.

    The robot speaks to anyone clicks on it and has their sound on to hear it talk. It will turn to the avatar who clicked so they know it is talking straight to them instead of someone else nearby. Owners can change the color between black, blue, green, pink, or red. To do this, click and hold on the robot to bring up the menu. Click ‘Done’ to close the menu and continue using your Emotional Support PeaPea Robot!

    ♦ You must have sounds turned on in order to hear the robot.
    ♦ You must click ‘Done’ when finished with the color change menu, even if you do not change the color. Clicking ‘ignore’ will cause your robot to only beep at you when clicked until the menu timer has been reset after approximately 10 seconds.

    Land impact is 5, but may increase if you resize the item.

    The MadPea Emotional Support PeaPea Robot is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team

  • MadPea Heart Air Balloon

    Take a tour of the mysteries of the SL-Verse, discover new Lands, or even just float lazily above all the worries of the world in the MadPea Heart Hot Air Balloon! With a light heart and a happy grin, you will be the envy of all as you drift through the clouds of love!

    To use, add/wear the balloon, turn off or remove your AO, and choose to fly how you normally would.

    The MadPea Heart Air Balloon is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team

  • MadPea Unicorn Spring Swing

    Time for some bouncing and swinging fun with our Unicorn Spring Swing! This adorable, cuddly and very Unicorn spring swing will delight your inner child as your imagination rides magically through star-laden clouds!

    Owners can be choose which color they want for the ride (blue, pink, or yellow) by clicking on the item and choosing from the pop up menu.

    Land impact is 9.

    The MadPea Unicorn Spring Swing is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team

  • MadPea Valentine’s Balloon Arch

    What better way to say “I love you” in a big way than with the MadPea Valentine’s Balloon Arch? Perfect for any Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or celebration of love, this whimsical decor piece will show that special someone that you are always thinking about them!

    You will find this item comes ‘soft linked’ in two parts. This is because the beautiful arch comes with some extra balloons strewn around, that are not linked to the arch itself.

    Land impact of combined items is 15, with the arch being 12 and the ground balloons being 3. These numbers may increase if you resize the items.

    The MadPea Valentine’s Balloon Arch is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team

Join the epic Grid-Wide insanity that is the MadPea Cupid Catastrophe to Hunt down as many of those stupid Cupids as possible to Unlock even more awesome prizes!


Cupid Crushers GACHA for hunters to play, offering different weapon choices to use during the hunt. 

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Pistol of Pain

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Manipulator’s Machine Gun

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Malicious Mallet

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Ghoster’s Gatling Gun

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Liar’s Longsword

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Heartbreak Hammer

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Divorce Darts

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Cheater’s Cleaver Black

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Complainer’s Cutlass

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Axe of Anger

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Bitchin’ Bow

  • MadPea Cupid Crushers – Bitchin’ Bow Quiver


The Cupittos are available for sale to put in your land!

You can buy them at Mad City or on the Marketplace 





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