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MadPea’s Cupid Catastrophe – Final Prize Unlocked!

MADPEA - Cupid Catastrophe - Cupid Shooter

MADPEA – MadPea’s Cupid Catastrophe – Final Prize Unlocked!!!

Last day to play!!!!

The Awesome Hunters have Unlocked the Final Prize!

Want to keep your stupid Cupid squishing skills sharp and fresh? Are you prepared for the next invasion of those mischievous sprites?

The MadPea Cupid Shooter Game is the ultimate trainer for the valiant Cupid Hunter on the go! Maintain your Eagle eye with an exciting and entertaining game! Challenge your friends, increase your skills, or even setup contests for adventurous visitors! Together we’ll keep those stupid Cupids and their usual trouble making at bay!

There’s still one day left to collect as many of the Shiny Prizes and points that you can!


  • MadPea Cupid Shooter Game

    To play the game, click the game and accept permissions to attach the gun to your avatar. Once you have the gun, go into mouse look and aim at the characters that cross the graveyard.

    You have 60 seconds to shoot as many targets as you can.

    There are four targets you can hit, three that earn you points and one that will take points away.

    Cupids: 5 or 10pts
    Shiny Cupids: -15pts
    Golden Cupitto: 20pts + 30 seconds added to timer

    Owners can click and hold on the leaderboard (Top Scores) and

    The game itself has a land impact of 24 and is copy only.

    The MadPea Cupid Shooter Game is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team





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