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VARONIS - His Place

VARONIS – His Cabin available at the Mainstore

It features a fireplace and optional pillows (Single poses)

Please note that the upper level is too tiny to be climbable and is meant to be used as a place to rezz smaller furniture and/or decor. However, since the stairs and the upper floor have physics, you can resize the build if you would like.

Set :

  • VARONIS – His Cabin – 35Li

  • VARONIS – His Cabin / Pillows – 2Li

-Size is approximately 5×4

-Materials enabled, projectors

-Optional pillows with 17 single poses


In the pic :

Refuge – Carnegie Lighting available at the Mainstore

Four metal options are available (Gold, Silver, Black, and Copper) for purchase or opt for a discounted fatpack! Chain length is adjustable!

2Li at current size, however adjusting the chain length may cause higher land impact to occur.


Refuge – Tapestry available at the Mainstore

Set with 9 textures :

  • Refuge – Granddaughters Tapestry – 4Li

  • Refuge – Horror Tapestry A – 3Li

  • Refuge – Horror Tapestry B – 3Li

  • Refuge – Let Me Go Tapestry – 4Li

  • Refuge – Loved Alone Tapestry – 4Li

  • Refuge – Made by Satan Tapestry – 4Li

  • Refuge – Magic Tapestry – 4Li

  • Refuge – Melancholy Tapestry – 4Li

  • Refuge – Support Your Coven Tapestry – 4Li


MudHoney – Sawyer Bench available at the Mainstore

Sawyer Bench
– texture change to 16 colors. 8 of them are fatpack bonus colors (shown on fatpack ad)
– seats 2 avatars – 14 single sits for each, 11 couples animations

  • MudHoney – Sawyer Bench – Fatpack – 2Li

|T|L|C| – Companion dog – Weimaraner Animesh available at the Mainstore

  • │T│L│C│ Companion dog – Weimaraner, Animesh, in 4 texture options, pick from 9 collar colours, personalised name, copy

By touching the COLLAR you can name your dog!!!






VARONIS Mainstore

VARONIS Marketplace


VARONIS Flickr Group Pool

VARONIS Instagram

VARONIS Facebook


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