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Electric Kettle – MadPea Premium Group Gift

MADPEA - Electric Kettle

MADPEA – Electric Kettle – Premium Group Gift available at the Mainstore

Brew up a great start to the day, steep a quiet afternoon or just sip a close of the night with the wireless convenience of the MadPea Electric Kettle!

To use your Electric Kettle, click to turn on and bring up the drink menu. You have three teas to choose from (black, green, herbal). Click on your choice of tea and wait while your water heats and the tea steeps. You will hear beeps from the kettle and see steam rise from the spout. Once your tea is ready, you will see a pop-up asking you to grant permissions to attach the cup to your avatar.

Owners have a settings option from the main menu that will allow you to unlock the kettle for others to use, as well as choose which color you would like your kettle to be (black, blue, green, metal, pink, red, white). The Tea Canister also has an owner only color change menu so you can choose to have the canister match the kettle, if you so choose.

Land impacts are as follows:

Electric Kettle – 2Li
Saucer – 1Li
Stack of Teacups – 2Li
Sugar Cubes – 1Li
Tea Ball w/Handle – 1Li
Tea Canister – 1Li

The MadPea Electric Kettle is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Productions Team





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