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What Next - Devon Furniture

What Next – Devon Furniture for Fifty Linden Friday this week at the Mainstore

New for this week’s Fifty Linden Friday (28/2)

3 piece furniture set  (cream and dove texture) :

  • {what next} Devon Sideboard – 2Li

  • {what next} Devon Coffee Table – 2Li

  • {what next} Devon Side Table – 1Li


Original mesh

In the pic and available at the Mainstore or on Marketplace :

  • {what next} Bailey Lounge Chair (w/pillow) – 6Li

  • {what next} Bailey Lounge Chair – 4Li

  • {what next} Bailey Tray – 1Li

  • {what next} Bailey Vase – 1Li

  • {what next} Bailey Books Decor – 1Li

  • {what next} Bailey Rug #3 – 3Li

  • {what next} Picture Gallery Frames (Classic) – 1Li

  • {what next} Quatrefoil Table Lamp (brass) – 1Li

  • {what next} Country Kitchen Apple Pie – 1Li

  • {what next} Southsea Books Decor – 1Li

  • {what next} Swiss Cheese Plant – 2Li

  • {what next} Snake Plant – 2Li

  • {what next} Springtime Tulip Planter (yellow) – 2Li

Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Teapot – 1Li

Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Rose Tea – 1Li

Home :

ionic : Wood & Glass Cabin RARE – 46Li






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