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Mad Pass

MADPEA - Mad Pass

MADPEA – Mad Pass available at Cosmopolitan

Take aim to hit your targets with the finest in fully interactive arcade style gaming and the MadPea Mad Pass! Invite friends, family, or complete strangers to quarterback a touchdown on the opposing team, and delight in the cheers of exciting entertainment as the winning points are scored!

There are two optional leaderboards included; one to track Normal game mode scores and the other for Blitz mode scores. These leaderboards will work with more than one machine rezzed in the region, owned by the same person, and will show the top 5 player scores.

Land impact of game itself is 19 and 23 while the game is in play.

The leaderboards each have a land impact of 8.

The MadPea Mad Pass is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team

In the pic :

  • MadPea The Hangar – 421Li

  • MadPea Water Bottle – Mint (add)

  • MadPea Water Bottle – Sky (add)

  • MadPea Water Bottle – Rose (add)

Others in the pic :

  • MudHoney Pax Towel Stack – 1Li

  • ~also Known as~ Kaizen Bench Dark 3 – 2Li

  • TA Football Helmet (REZZ) – 7Li

  • TA Football Helmet (WEAR)

  • ChiMia:: Repurposed Locker Shelves [Red] – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Repurposed Locker Shelves [Blue] – 1Li

  • CWB~Football Trophy






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