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ChiMia - Ladder Shelves

ChiMia – Ladder Shelves for Saturday Sale available at the Mainstore

Shelving in a ladder shape that stands against a wall.

On sale for L$50 for one day only

  • ChiMia::  Ladder Shelves – 1Li

Original mesh creation by our own Jack (Markus Slingshot).


Come to store landing point on Saturday 14 March 2020 to get this deal!

In the pic and available at the Mainstore :

  • ChiMia:: SW Canoe Lake Wall Art – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: SW Foggy Pier Wall Art – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Snowy White Apartment – VIP – 93Li

  • ChiMia:: SW Bedside Light – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: SW Books – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: SW Ceiling Lamp – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: SW White Curtains – 2Li

  • ChiMia:: House Plant – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Old Standing Piano – 3Li

  • ChiMia:: Tiki Head Statuette [Jade] – 1Li

Others in the pic :

  • Architect. Quantum Eucalyptus Vase (2) LOD + – 2Li

  • Architect. Tiffany Vases – 2Li

  • Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 2 – 1Li







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