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Cosmic Mad Bowl

MADPEA - Cosmic Mad Bowl

MADPEA – Cosmic Mad Bowl available at Man Cave

Feel the glow of glorious gaming and competition with the MadPea Cosmic Mad Bowl! Crafted for decor as well as entertainment in sleek lines of neon and smooth lane technology, this arcade style bowling system is designed for both interior and exterior use!

Bowl with friends and family by day or night in the soft fluorescence of cosmic lights!

To play, click the coin slots on the front of the machine and choose Join Game from the given pop up.

To bowl, step up to the lane and go into mouselook, click and hold to gain speed for your roll.

Player 1 and Player 2 scores will show on the backboard of the game, through all ten frames. Max score is 300, which is 12 total strikes in a row.

An optional leaderboard is included that will work with all machines on one region owned by the same person.

Land impact is 22 when not being played, and 34 when game play is running.

The leaderboard has a land impact of 8.

The MadPea Cosmic Mad Bowl is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team

In the pic :

  • MadPea Bowl-O-Rama – Bowling Trophy – 1Li

  • ionic : Firmament ball – 2Li

  • ionic : Cosmic stage – RARE – 25Li

  • ionic : Constellation lamp – 4Li

  • ionic : Neon Planet – 1Li

  • ionic : Spheres – 3Li







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