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GOOSE - Campfire Corner

GOOSE – Campfire corner available at Cosmopolitan

Sit with friends on the new campfire corner, sits up to 4 avatars.

3 summer themed fabric themes included.

Set :

  • GOOSE – Campfire corner Adult – 25Li

  • GOOSE – Campfire – 3Li

Animations : 4 X 10 Single – 8 Cuddle – 10 Adult

PG and Adult version

100% Original Mesh


In the pic :

  • ionic : My summer stuff – 5Li

  • ionic : Picnic basket – 5Li

  • ionic : Coconut drinks! – 2Li

  • MINIMAL – Paradise Beach Scene -not sphere- 196Li





GOOSE Mainstore

GOOSE Marketplace

GOOSE Facebook

GOOSE Personal Facebook

GOOSE Flickr

GOOSE Flickr Group Pool


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