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Interactive Tulip – MadPea Premium Group Gift

MADPEA - Interactive Tulip

MADPEA – Interactive Tulip – Premium Group Gift available at the Mainstore

A brand new Premium Group Gift is ready!!!

MadPea Interactive Tulip needs nurturing, caring and, above all, you! Fill your home, business and life with beauty as you take care not to over-water these gorgeous interactive flowers!

To use, rez the pot where you’d like to have it, and click for the menu. Click on ‘Plant Bulb’ to start the growth process of your tulip.

Once planted, you will see a message in local chat, telling you to water your tulip. Remember to water your tulip every day or it will start to wither and eventually die!

Special note, your tulip comes in a variety of colors, so plant more than one around your home and see what color pops up!

You can :

Resize your plant.

Hide Pot to show or be hidden, letting you choose if you wish to have the item planted in a garden or greenhouse, or in your own home.

Delete Script to remove the scripts from your plant, permanently locking it into the growth state it is at.

Start Over your plant over from scratch! This is a great option if you have been forgetting to water your plant and it has died on you, or you just feel like starting over!

Land impact is 4, but may increase if you resize the item.

The MadPea Interactive Tulip is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team

In the pic :

  • MadPea Greenhouse – 16Li

  • MadPea Greenhouse Table – 4Li

  • MadPea Greenhouse Fan – 3Li

  • MadPea Greenhouse Trowel – 1Li

  • MadPea Greenhouse Dibber – 1Li

  • MadPea Greenhouse Hand Cultivator – 1Li

  • MadPea Watering Can – 5Li

  • MadPea Interactive Plants – 5Li

  • MadPea Bicycle with Flowers – 6Li

  • [DDD] Butterfly Rock Emitter – 1Li

  • Refuge – Green Thumb Seed Packets – 2Li

  • Refuge – Green Thumb Seeds Box – 1Li




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