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Cruiser Skateboard for Happy Weekend

MadPea - Cruiser Skateboard

MADPEA – Cruiser Skateboard for Happy Weekend available at the Mainstore

Starting at 10AM Saturday and ending at 10AM Sunday for only 60L

There’s no better way to maneuver around the grid than on a Cruiser Skateboard!

There are three spring designs included, and to use one, just add/wear it to your avatar, and walk around like normal.

  • MadPea Cruiser Skateboard – Yellow

  • MadPea Cruiser Skateboard – Pink

  • MadPea Cruiser Skateboard – Blue

The MadPea Cruiser Skateboards are 100% original mesh created by MadPea Productions Design Team

In the pic :

[REZZ ROOM] – German Shepherd Puppy (Companion) available at the Mainstore 

  • [Rezz Room] German Shepherd Adult Animesh (Companion)

– 9 statics poses

– Name option / Sound option

– Wearable or Rezzable (wander, follow, idle options)


Original Animesh





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