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MINIMAL – Quimera Rings Gacha available at TMD

The Quimera Gacha Rings is a really cool Gacha rings unisex

7 Fantastic Rings available in Gold/Silver with modify/transfer permissions.

14 Commons Total.

Compatible with Signature Gianni,Belleza Jake,Legacy Male & Maitreya.

In the pic :

MINIMAL – Forever Backdrops available at Equal10

Forever Backdrops :

2 different lighting backdrops perfect for photography with a really cool skybox included fitting with the envirovement. For better performance please use Advance Lighting

  • Size of [Forever] Pink Feeling Backdrop: 51x53x51 (with box)

Landimpact 34.

  • Size of [Forever] Dark Feeling Backdrop:14x25x11 (with box) [in the pic]

Landimpact 8.





MINIMAL Mainstore

MINIMAL Marketplace


MINIMAL Flickr Group Pool

MINIMAL Instagram


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