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Steed of Atlantis

MADPEA - Atlantis Seahorse

MADPEA – Mystery Case Vol. 3 – Explorer’s Edition available at Man Cave

You enjoy your job at the Peatonville Museum but, sitting there every day cataloging treasures from around the world, you always dreamed of those faraway places. Then one day you find a strange backpack in a box marked for disposal and it’s contents could change your life forever. Are you brave and smart enough to solve the puzzles which locate the ultimate destination?

If yes , you can win this epic prize :

  • MadPea Steed of Atlantis

Discovered in the very depths of Atlantis where legends portray Poseidon’s delight in the fierce and beautiful beasts, these elegant seahorses are a fascinating mix of myth and reality! The perfect companion for exploring the Seas and Lands of the SL-Verse, the fabled MadPea Steed of Atlantis will swim from adventure to adventure, bringing the magic of the dreamscape to waking SL life!

With menu to turn sounds and particles on and off, set a greeting message, and greet.

Unravel the enigmatic and beautifully crafted puzzles while you try to discover the truth of the suspenseful story buried in the murky depths of MadPea Mystery Case Volume 3!


Have fun!!!

P.S. you can find the Vol.1 and Vol.2 at the Mainstore




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