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MudHoney - Porter Patio

MudHoney – Porter Patio Set available at the Mainstore

In this package:

  • MudHoney Porter Sectional Loveseat – Fatpack – 5Li

  • MudHoney Porter Sectional Corner – Fatpack – 4Li

  • MudHoney Porter Sectional Ottoman – Fatpack – 2Li

  • MudHoney Porter Sectional Chair – Fatpack – 2Li

  • Fatpack HUD – for sectional pieces

  • MudHoney Porter Table Tall – 1Li

  • MudHoney Porter Table Short – 1Li

  • MudHoney Porter Rug – 4Li

Sectional pieces have 9 cushion color options, and 5 wood colors. Wear or rez the HUD to change colors.

The tables are texture change. Click to get menu.

Tall table has 5 wood colors for the table top.

Short table has 2 marble options and 5 wood colors on the legs.

The rug has 6 color options. Click to get menu.


In the pic :

  • MH Meera Vase Big – 1Li

  • MH Meera Vase Small – 1Li

  • MH Meera Candlestick Large – 1Li

  • MH Meera Candlestick Med – 1Li

  • MH Meera Candlestick Small – 1Li

  • MH Meera Bowl w/ Beads – 1Li

Others in the pic :

  • ~isil~ *Maine* Glass Float (Upright) – 1Li

  • Apple Fall Square Wood Planter – 1Li

  • Apple Fall Bay Leaf Topiary, Small – 1Li

  • HPMD* Sakura -Cherry Blossom Tree- B/summer – 16Li



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