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MADPEA - Margarita Maker

MADPEA – Margarita Maker available at Uber

Whether you’re looking to whip up a tasty margarita for a gathering of your friends, to liven up a bbq with your family or a stand a fun round of drinks for your guests, MadPea has you covered. The MadPea Margarita Maker has a stylish and attractive design that will make the perfect centerpiece for any party, and the accessories will only add to the delicious atmosphere for tasty fun!

To use, click on your Margarita Maker and choose from the three flavor options, lime, mango, or strawberry. The machine will then make your choice of drink. When your drink is finished, you will be prompted with attach permissions for your drink which will animate with a hold and have your avatar drink while wearing. Drink will detatch on its own after a time.

The drink in hand can be clicked on for a menu of garnish options allowing you to show or hide the lime, mango, salted rim, strawberry, umbrella, all of the items at once (The Works!), or just the drink itself (Booze Only!).

Color choices are blue, green, orange, pink, and yellow. There is also a ‘Surprise me!’ option which will give you a random multi-colored machine.

Land impacts are as follows:

Cocktail Mixers – 1 each (3 included)
Garnish Cutting Board – 3
Glass of Strawberries – 2
Margaritas – 2 each (3 included)
Margarita Coasters – 1 each (6 included)
Margarita Glass (empty) – 1
Margarita Maker – 5
Margarita Salt Rimmer – 1
Peatron Tequila – 2

Note that resizing any of the above items may increase their land impacts.

The MadPea Margarita Maker is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team




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