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Deco(c)rate Special Edition July 2020

MADPEA - Deco(c)rate Special Edition July 2020 4

MADPEA – Deco(c)rate Special Edition July 2020 available at the Mainstore

Deco(c)rate – Special Summer Edition Crate!

More Information

For 3000$L you can get amazing original mesh items from the following designers:

Anc Ltd.



Convair Design


Fourth Wall


The Little Branch


Milk Motion




Serenity Style


In this pic :


Arizona House comes with built in pool, kitchen and bathroom. Bathroom shower has single, couple and adult animations.

  • VARONIS – Arizona House – 385Li

  • VARONIS – [Chronos] Steel Vase – 1Li

  • VARONIS – [Chronos] Caffe Latte – 1Li

Built in pool, bathroom and kitchen

Shower Animations (single, couple and adult)

Materials Enabled

Projector lights


Others in the pic not in the crate:

The Little Branch – Calathea Ornata available at TLC

The Calathea ornata will steal the show in any houseplant collection with it’s beautiful pink stripes on its large green leaves. Give Calathea ornata a central place in your home and this indoor plant is sure to draw comments and admiration.

  • LB_CalatheaOrnata.v1{Mesh}*BlackPot – 3Li


Also in the pic :

  • MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Cups – 3Li

  • MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Bowls – 2Li

  • Apple Fall Aspidistra in Wicker Planter – 5Li

  • .:revival:. leather floor cushion – 5Li

  • LB_BottlePalm.V1a{Animated}*Mesh – 6Li

  • LB_BottlePalm.V3{Animated}*Mesh – 3Li




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