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APHRODITE – Floating Bar available at the Mainstore

  • <Aphrodite> Floating Bar – 10Li

Dispenser a dozen of different snacks and drinks

Come in 3 color (Black, Rose, Sky)


APHRODITE – <Heart Homes> Paradise Summer Float 

Available in 3 colors (Black, Sky, Rose). In PG and Adult version. With or Without Rotate!

  • <Heart Homes> Paradise Summer Float – 3Li

APHRODITE – Celebration Gacha available at the Mainstore

Set :

  • Aphrodite Birthday or Rezzday party set table RARE – 13Li

  • Aphrodite Rezzday or Birthday Cake RARE – 46Li

  • Aphrodite Milkshakes RARE – 3Li

  • Aphrodite Fresh Sandwiches Platter RARE – 30Li

  • Aphrodite Macaroons platter – 2Li

  • Aphrodite Choco Apples with Sprinkles – 10Li

  • Aphrodite Stawberry Drinks – 21Li

  • Aphrodite Burger Platter – 22Li

  • Aphrodite Chips Cones – 7Li

  • Aphrodite Pomme Frites – 2Li

  • Aphrodite Party Dining Chair – 10Li

  • Aphrodite cheerful balloons bunch – 2Li

In the pic :

  • LB_BottlePalm.V1a{Animated}*Mesh

  • LB_RoyalPalmTree.v3{Animated}

  • Astralia – La Isla Pool







APHRODITE Marketplace

APHRODITE Marketplace





APHRODITE Flickr Group Pool


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