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Architect - Incanto

Architect – Incanto Chair available at the Mainstore

New texture . Come in Absinthe, Black, Nude, Red, Royal, Snow colour.

  • Architect. Incanto Chair BLACK – 4Li

Available in Pg and Adult version.


Architect – Hourglass Bar Set available at the Mainstore 

Come in Black, Brown, Gradient version

Set :

  • Architect. Hourglass Table (black) – 4Li

  • Architect. Hourglass Tall Stool (black) – 4Li

  • Architect. Hourglass Short Stool (black) – 4Li


Architect – Meloch Cabinet available at the Mainstore

Available in dark, light, wood version

  • Architect. Meloch Cabinet (dark) – 4Li


Architect – Beamer Shelves available at the Mainstore 

Come in frappe, gold, latte, midnight, night, silver

  • Architect. ‘The Beamer’ Column Shelf (midnight) – 7Li


In the pic : 

  • Architect. Quantum Magazines LOD + – 2Li

  • Architect. Quantum Cowhide Rug (1) LOD + – 2Li

  • Architect. Quantum Eucalyptus Vase (2) LOD + – 2Li

  • VARONIS – La Chandelle // Skybox – 182Li

  • Apple Fall Wild Thistles – 6Li

  • MadPea Wine Time Set – 4Li

  • Refuge – Vintage Spring Bunny Statue – 1Li

  • ChiMia:: Tiki Head Statuette [Black Marble] – 1Li

  • Golden Inca Mama Cocha Statue – 1Li

  • Apple Fall Ornamental Elephant – Bronze – 1Li








ARCHITECT Marketplace


ARCHITECT Flickr Group Pool

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