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DaD – Farmhouse Cozy Set available at Uber

The Farmhouse Cozy gives you plenty of rustic charm and beauty to add warmth into your home. Each piece has been carefully crafted to fit together as a whole or on its own.

FATPACK Farmouse Cozy Set includes :

  • DaD “Farmhouse Cozy Set” linked  (available only on fatpack) – 15Li

  • DaD “Hogweed Giant in pot S – 4Li

  • DaD “Hogweed Giant in pot L – 7Li

All single items with dedicated shadow

Bonus Gift Background decor (available only with fatback) – 6Li

Available in single:

  • DaD “Hogweed Giant in pot S” – 4Li

  • DaD “Hogweed Giant in pot L” – 7Li

  • DaD “Metal Basket decor” – 2Li

  • DaD “Farmhouse Pillows Basket” – 1Li

  • DaD “Wooden Spoons Bowl” – 1Li

  • DaD “Wire Mail Basket” – 1Li

  • DaD “Eucalyptus Bowl” – 3Li

  • DaD “Farmhouse Console table” – 1Li

  • DaD “Farmhouse Jute rug” – 1Li

  • DaD ” Chicken Wire Frame A+B” – 2Li each

  • DaD “Wooden Ladder/Shelf Decor” – 3Li

Materials enabled


In the pic :

[Rezz Room] – Bengal Cat GACHA available at the Mainstore

  • [Rezz Room] Cat Tree – 2Li

  • [Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Sleep – 1Li

  • [Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Sit – 1Li




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