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Magical Broom Ride

MADPEA - MadPea Magical Broom Ride

MADPEA – Magical Broom Ride available at Wizarding Faire

Add a little magic to your store, business, club or even backyard with the Magical Broom Ride! Cute and durable, this coin-operated broom will bring back the magical memories of youth and carefree times! (Does not require ‘coins’ or any form of payment to operate!)

Riders sit on the broom and click the coin box to start their ride. Clicking the broom will bring up a menu allowing the rider to choose one of four animations, one of four texture colors (black, blue, pink, purple), or to adjust themselves on the broom. The ‘Ride & Spell’ option will give attach a wand to their hand.

There are 4 ride color options included with this item: Blue, Green, Purple, and Red.

Land impact is 10.

The MadPea Magical Broom Ride is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team

DISORDERLY – Potion Study available at Wizarding Faire

Set :

  • DISORDERLY. / Potion Study / Cabinet – 3Li

  • DISORDERLY. / Potion Study / Table – 2Li

  • DISORDERLY. / Potion Study / Chest – 2Li

  • DISORDERLY. / Potion Study / Book Pile – 2Li


[Rezz Room] – British Shorthair GACHA available at the Mainstore

  • [Rezz Room] British Shorthair Jumping – 1Li

  • [Rezz Room] British Shorthair Laying – 1Li

  • [Rezz Room] British Shorthair Running – 1Li

  • [Rezz Room] British Shorthair Yawning – 1Li

  • [Rezz Room] British Shorthair Napping – 1Li

  • [Rezz Room] Cauldron Bowl – 1Li

In the pic :

  • ionic : Sacred Ruins – 38Li





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