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-Hisa- SommerHus available at FaMESHed

Downstairs you’ll find the kitchen, living room and bathroom, upstairs is an enormous loft bedroom, possibly two bedrooms that provides privacy while still being able to overlook the living room.

The extra high ceiling in the living room with windows above and below create a light airy feeling in this gem.

The previous owners rented the property out as an air bnb generating a very comfortable income. Before placing the home on the market they completely renovated every inch of the house and it shows.

  • HISA – SommerHus

– upstairs Loft

-1 bedroom

-1 Bathroom

– livingroom

– kitchen

Footprint: 17 x 17

70 Land impact LOD 4

117 land impact lod 2


Original Mesh

DaD – Farmhouse Cozy Set available at Uber

Set :

  • DaD “Farmhouse Pillows Basket” – 1Li

  • DaD “Hogweed Giant in pot L” – 7Li

  • DaD “Eucalyptus Bowl” – 3Li

  • DaD “Wooden Ladder/Shelf Decor” – 4Li

APHRODITE – Industrial Charme available at Man Cave

Available in Pg and Adult version

Set :

  • <Heart Homes> “Industrial Charme” Solo Seat – 6Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Industrial Charme” Couple Couch – 13Li

  • <Heart Homes>”Industrial Charme” Side Table – 3Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Industrial Charme” Table Blankert – 2Li

  • <Heart Homes>”Industrial Charme” Candle A – 2Li

  • <Heart Homes>”Industrial Charme” Candle B – 2Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Industrial Charme” Rug – 1Li

  • <Heart Homes> “Industrial Charme” Couch Table – 3Li

In the pic :

  • MudHoney Tula Chandelier – White – 1Li

  • West Village Chinoise Cabinet – Cream – 6Li

  • <Aphrodite> Summer peonies 4 frames set – 1Li

  • <Aphrodite> Summer peonies pitcher – 2Li

  • <Aphrodite> Summer peonies bouquet – 1Li

  • <Aphrodite> Summer peonie alone – 1Li

  • MudHoney Miranda Drapes – Sheer – 12Li



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