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DaD – Driftwood Sailboat available at Athem

The Driftwood Sailboats collection is 2 Rares and 10 Commons sailboats.

The Rares are lighted and adorned with beautiful sea shells and starfish.

The Commons are broken into two categories — wall decor with a ring and nail for hanging and table top decor.

Different colors for the headsail and mainsail and type of driftwood.

In this pic :

  • 01 – DaD “Driftwood Sailboat RARE 01” – 3Li

  • 02 – DaD “Driftwood Sailboat RARE 02” – 3Li

  • 06 – DaD “Driftwood Sailboat wall 04” – 2Li

  • 09 – DaD “Driftwood Sailboat 02” – 2Li

In the pic :

  • Scarlet Creative – Catrine Cabin – 21Li

  • Ariskea[Lian] Confort Ottoman [1] – 9Li

  • Ariskea[Lian] Curtain [2] – 5Li




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DaD Marketplace

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