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Rocket Ride

MADPEA - Rocket Looper

MADPEA – Rocket Ride available at Access Event

The coin-operated MadPea Rocket Ride is a surefire crowd pleaser! Set one up at your place of business or even your backyard, and let everyone enjoy! (Does not require ‘coins’ or any form of payment to operate!)

There are two ride options included in this pack, the Rocket Ride & the Mad Rocket Ride.

The Rocket Ride will give riders a semi-stationary ride, with no threat of leaving the ground. Perfect for those who may have an aversion to heights.

The Mad Rocket Ride will send riders on a looping ride disconnecting them from the base, twisting upside down and around again and again. (You will need height clearance for the Mad Rocket Ride.)

Riders sit in the rocket and click the coin box to start their ride. Clicking the rocket will bring up a menu allowing the rider to choose one of four animations and/or adjust their avatar with the chosen animation.

When first rezzing your ride of choice, the base will look empty. The rockets auto rez from their base and will snap into place after a few seconds if their base is moved. If the rocket is removed for any reason, a new one will rez in its place.

Land impact is 16.

The MadPea Rocket Ride is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team





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