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Royal Root Trailer Park & Campground

Royal Roots is a family friendly trailer park and campground that offers many amenities and activities for all ages!

Visit Location

Immersed in a fantastic forest crossed by streams and rapids…

You can meet many animals surrounded by greenery…

An unforgettable vacation….


▷ Swimming pool
▷ Park
▷ Grotto
▷ Birdwatching
▷ Hiking trails
▷ Volleyball
▷ Lake
▷ Horseshoes !
▷ Horseback riding
▷ Connect4
▷ Bowling
▷ Fishing – 7seas
▷ Public BBQ pavilion
▷ Market
▷ Zip-lining
▷ Rope climbing
▷ Rock diving
▷ Scuba diving
▷ Bumper boats
▷ Archery
▷ River Rafting
▷ Foot Darts
▷ Parachuting (COMING SOON!)
▷ Arcade (COMING SOON!)
▷ Golfing (COMING SOON!)

Many weekly events led by park staff :

▷ Bingo
▷ Yoga & zumba
▷ Volleyball
▷ Fishing tournaments
▷ Holiday celebrations
Check out the calendar located in the main office to see upcoming events!


The Royal Cubs Club is for kids of all ages! A Club House loaded with games and toys to enjoy, and a tree house hideout located on hiking trails! Message any of our park staff to get your group tag and be the first to be apart of the exciting things our Royal Cub Club will bring!


Trailer Rentals – Camp Site Rentals – Rec Room Rental
Renting trailers for full time, as well as vacation use, are available! There is no limit on how many weeks you’d like to stay . Trailer come furnished but with a click of a button a room can be cleaned up or put back into place whenever you’d like!

Respect PARK RULES!!!

Rezzing on public areas

Grills/Open Fires: Both are welcome on your trailer lot or campground site. You will also find both in public areas!

Family friendly: Nudity is not permitted in public areas.

Animals: Bring your furry friends! Everyone is invited!

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in public areas. Please respect those around you.

Vehicles: Your own vehicles are welcome, though we prefer them to be smaller vehicles so it’s easier for you to get around the park. (Golf cart, mini car, bike)

Skyboxes/Platforms: This isn’t a “platform life” place. We are building a community/fun place to be! Please refrain from putting anything in the sky. If you need a space to work, feel free to use the public platform in the sky.

Fun: MOST IMPORTANTLY, have fun!!


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