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Astralia – Blooming Phone Booth available at the Mainstore

Available in Red – Pink – Blue

Adult and PG version

  • Astralia – Blooming Phone Booth – Blue – 18Li


Astralia – My secret Magic Room available at the Mainstore

This set is an interactive bedroom that has 2 stages:

– Normal Bedroom (Being a witch sometimes is a secret)
– Magic Academy Dorm Bedroom

You can rezz all the items of the collections or just a few pieces, but it’s mandatory to rezz the “Astralia – My secret magic Room (Switcher)”.
It is the object that you have to click in order to transform your room!

Clicking the switcher you will access to 8 different options, 4 Normal Bedroom colos and 4 Magic Academy Dorm colors.

Available in Pg and Adult version

Set :

  • Astralia – My secret magic Room (Bed) – 26Li

  • Astralia – My secret magic Room (Wardrobe) – 13Li

  • Astralia – My secret magic Room (Wall Decor) – 13Li

  • Astralia – My secret magic Room (Switcher) – 1Li

  • Astralia – My secret magic Room (Cities Signpost) – 1Li



ChiMia – Norsk Loft available at the Mainstore

Original wood version available for FLF 8/21

Other colors and discounted fatpack available for Saturday Sale 8/22

A clean modern apartment with two partial divided rooms and the option to buy a fatpack HUD allowing you to mix & match different colours.

  • ChiMia:: Norsk Loft [Fatpack Version] – 32Li


Original Mesh



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