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Dreamland Designs

Country Outdoor Dining Set

Dreamland Designs – DD Country Outdoor Dining Set available at Swank Event

New & Exclusive 

Set :

  • DD Country Outdoor Table – 17Li

  • DD Country Patio Dining Chair – 3Li

  • DD Topiary Basket Planter – 3Li

  • DD Old Scuffed Candle – 3Li

  • DD Silver Line White Wine Glass – 2Li

  • DD Rustic Log Place Setting – 3Li

  • DD Country Harvest Centerpiece – 3Li

  • DD Concrete Slab – 2Li

  • DD Rustic Outdoor Fireplace – 5Li

Material Enabled

Bento Dining Animations with Props

[Rezz Room] – Labrador and Labrador accessories available at the Mainstore

The Labrador Retriever is full Animesh , it perfectly follows your movements (idle/jump,walk/run), you can also rezz it on the ground (idle/wander/follow).

Coming with a visible/invisible collar (8 colors).

  • [Rezz Room] Adult Labrador Animesh (Companion) – 33Li

  • [Rezz Room] Labrador Bed – 1Li

  • [Rezz Room] Labrador Feeder – 2Li

In the pic :

  • ionic : Mediterraneo RARE – 232Li

  • ionic : Fuente de Primavera – 5Li

  • ionic : Puerta al jardin – 12Li

  • ionic : Tinaja – 8Li

  • GOOSE – Fireplace terras – 20Li

  • LB_ForestPansyTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons – 7Li





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