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Autumn Garden Shed

MADPEA – Autumn Garden Shed for Happy Weekend available at the Mainstore

Starting at 10:00 AM (SLT) on Saturday through 11:59 PM (SLT) on Sunday, you can add rustic charm to your lawn, garden, or farm with the MadPea Autumn Garden Shed for 60L.

Every proper yard has a shed and this Autumn Garden Shed is just what your yard is missing!

  • MadPea Autumn Garden Shed – 18Li

Door opens on a click and auto closes. (It will close with a click, as well.)

The MadPea Autumn Garden Shed is 100% original mesh created by MadPea Productions Design Team

In the pic :

  • MadPea Old Tractor – 13Li

  • hive // pumpkin patch wagon . group gift – 5Li

  • Apple Fall Copper Shovel & Pitchfork – 2Li

  • West Village Field Wellingtons – Yellow – 1Li

  • Apple Fall Pumpkin – Fairytale II – 1Li

  • Apple Fall Pumpkin – Sweet Dumpling I – 1Li

  • HPMD* Dirt Road/curve – light brown – 3Li

  • LB_ForestPansyTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons – 7Li




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