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Adventure Submarine

MADPEA – Adventure Submarine available at Man Cave

Navigate a course for deep-sea excitement in the MadPea Adventure Submarines. Explore the depths of the Linden seas or coastal waterways in search of underwater landscapes and sunken treasure! You might even meet some friendly merpeople along the way!

These rez and sit vehicles are drivable by owner-only. They have passenger seating for one, working lights, and propellers with bubble particles. Five coral reef colors to choose from, all included!

  • MadPea Adventure Submarine – Yellow – 31Li

The MadPea Adventure Submarine is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team.

MADPEA – Mystery Case Vol. 3 – Explorer’s Edition available at Mainstore

You can win this epic prize to solve the Mystery Case Vol. 3 :

  • MadPea Steed of Atlantis

Discovered in the very depths of Atlantis where legends portray Poseidon’s delight in the fierce and beautiful beasts, these elegant seahorses are a fascinating mix of myth and reality! The perfect companion for exploring the Seas and Lands of the SL-Verse, the fabled MadPea Steed of Atlantis will swim from adventure to adventure, bringing the magic of the dreamscape to waking SL life!

With menu to turn sounds and particles on and off, set a greeting message, and greet.

Unravel the enigmatic and beautifully crafted puzzles while you try to discover the truth of the suspenseful story buried in the murky depths of MadPea Mystery Case Volume 3!






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