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Remains Meeting

[Cinoe] Remains Meeting available at Cosmopolitan

Set :

  • [Cinoe] Remains Meeting – Remains – 4Li

  • [Cinoe] Remains Meeting – Fire log – 2Li

  • [Cinoe] Remains Meeting – cushion blue – 2Li

Cuhion is 12Single animation and 14Couple animation included and available in 4 colors (Red, Green, Blue and Brown)


Little Branch – Palm Tree *HumanoidPot* available at Shiny Shabby

These adorable human shaped planters sitting with their legs outstretched on the ground are sure to brighten up your day! The pot features a beautiful palm with small greenery atop the soil. Get a bunch of these figurine plant pots and configure them in various places to brighten up your tables, patio, living room, entry way, bathroom and more! Perfect for modern, minimalist, zen, retro, industrial themed home or office! 

These 100% original mesh creations are highly detailed with realistic textures resulting in a true, life-like appearance. 

  • LB_PalmTree*HumanoidPot* – 3Li


In the pic :

  • hive // bird of paradise plant v1 – 2Li

  • hive // kentia palm plant – 3Li

  • hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark – 3Li

  • hive // pink caladium plant – 2Li

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