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Tainted Oaks

HISA – Tainted Oaks available at FaMESHed

Hisa’s landscaping line

Set :

  • HISA – Dead Bush – Curly – 1Li

  • HISA – Dead Bush – Medium – 1Li

  • HISA – Dead Bush – Mini – 1Li

  • HISA – Dead Bush – Patch – 2Li

  • HISA – Dead Bush – Small – 1Li

  • HISA – Dead Grass – 1Li

  • HISA – Dead tree – A – 2Li

  • HISA – Dead tree – B – 4Li

  • HISA – Dead tree – C – 4Li

  • HISA – Dead tree – D – 3Li

  • HISA – Dead tree – E – 4Li

  • HISA – Dead tree – F – 4Li


MADPEA – MadPea Shadow Ghosts for Happy Weekend available at the Mainstore

Starting at 10:00 AM (SLT) on Saturday through 11:59 PM (SLT) on Sunday, you can add MadPea Shadow Ghosts to your own cemetery scenes for only 60L

These Shadow Ghosts are a great way to add a little extra spookiness for your guests, whether for Halloween or any other reason you can think of!

A shadow will only appear when an avatar is within 10m of the item. They will then disappear when an avatar leaves that 10m rage of the item.

There are five total shadows included (Demon, Eldritch, Crooked, Schizo, and Sinister) and each one has a land impact of 1, which may increase if you choose to resize them.

The MadPea Shadow Ghosts are 100% original mesh created by MadPea Productions Design Team

MINIMAL – Graveyard Scene available at Uber

This Scene it will inmerse you on a lonely, creepy experience.

With tons of corners for photographers and decorators.

  • MINIMAL – Graveyard Scene – 283Li

Size: 40x40x21







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