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Dreamland Designs

Jackson Living Room GACHA

Dreamland Designs – DD Jackson Living Room GACHA available at Gimme gacha

Set 1 ULTRARARE, 2 RARES, 12 Common :

  • 1.DD Jackson Fluffy Couch-Adult ULTRARE – 15Li

  • 2.DD Jackson Fluffy Couch-PG RARE – 15Li

  • 3.DD Jackson Cozy Chair-Adult RARE – 7Li

  • 4.DD Jackson Shabby Coat Rack – 8Li

  • 5.DD Jackson Planter – 2Li

  • 6.DD Jackson Trunk Dresser – 7Li

  • 7.DD Jackson Table Lamp – 2Li

  • 8.DD Jackson Picture Frame Montage – 2Li

  • 9.DD Jackson Butterfly Picture – 2Li

  • 10.DD Jackson Rose Pitcher – 2Li

  • 11.Jackson House Plant – 2Li

  • 12.DD Jackson Farmhouse Cabinet – 5Li

  • 13.Jackson Coffee Table – 4Li

  • 14.DD Fern Pitcher Arrangement – 2Li

  • 15.DD Jackson Teal Round Rug – 2Li

All Animations are BENTO

Material Enabled

Transfer Only

In the pic :

  • Hisa – La maisonette D’Aurora – 66Li

  • HISA – Climbing Vines – Fall D – 5Li




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