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Satan Inc. Event

Satan Inc. Event 

October 13th – November 2

}Novel Events{ presents the most exciting Halloween Event!

Beside the unique gifting system, a new feature has been introduced: “Trick” and “Treat” Mystery Boxes!

Each mystery Box will contain 🎃 30 exclusive Halloween items 🎃

They are new products especially created for this Satan inc.!
Upon spending 800L in the venue (purchasing from one or more stores in the event), the loyal customers will get a chance to knock on the Devil’s door and claim the first mystery box.. Trick or treat? The choice is yours!
Upon spending 1500L at Satan Inc. the remaining Mystery Box gets automatically unlocked.

Join }Novel Events{ and update group 

An exclusive “Go to Hell” dress will be a free group gift available at Satan Inc. for all the members of the update group! Enrollment is free!

In this pic :


  • Andrea Bed – 8Li

  • Andrea Cieling Drapes – 5Li

  • Andrea Wall Hanging – 2Li

  • Skull & Candles – 1Li

  • Potion Bottle 1 – 1Li

  • Potion Bottle 2 – 1Li

  • Runestones – 1Li



  • Bones Collection dresser – 4Li

  • Bones Collection – Candles SKULL – 2Li

  • Bones Collection – Candles HAND – 1Li

  • Bones Collection – Candles SPINE – 2Li

  • Bones Collection – Frame with flowers RED – 6Li



Candle Decor in 5 colors

8 pieces included in each color set

  • DISORDERLY. / Luminos / Red / Edge 1 – 1Li

  • DISORDERLY. / Luminos / Red / Edge 2 – 1Li

  • DISORDERLY. / Luminos / Red / Flat 1 – 1Li

  • DISORDERLY. / Luminos / Red / Flat 3 – 1Li

  • DISORDERLY. / Luminos / Black / Flat 4 – 1Li

Touch to turn candle on/off





Satan Inc. Location

Satan Inc. Flickr pool

Satan Inc. facebook

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