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Stromland Estates

Stromland Estates

It had been only a month since Chasiopeya Banshee inherited Stromland Estates from a distant relative, and it was a seemingly impossible task to restore the rundown place.

After many sleepless nights, headaches and tears, there is the satisfaction of a job well done. Now, she and her team are ready to open up a part of it for rental.

There is still a lot of work to do and many projects to finish, so no time to rest yet.

They hope that everyone will enjoy the new neighborhood as much as the pleasure it’s been to work on.
So they like you welcome to Stromland Estates, a mainland neighborhood with road access at a reasonable cost.

This beautiful neighborhood offers parcels and homes at various prices and sizes.

Visit Stromland Estates!!!


                       FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED HOME                       

Some pics :


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