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Brownie sticks

[Cinoe] – Brownie sticks available at Shiny Shabby

Eat able bento animation foods

Set :

  • [Cinoe] Brownie sticks – Lemon – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Brownie sticks – Kiwi – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Brownie sticks – Orange – 1Li

  • [Cinoe] Brownie sticks – Strawberry – 1Li


GOOSE – Terras set available at Cosmopolitan

Set :

  • GOOSE – terras – 6Li

  • GOOSE – Weaven terras chair – 2Li

  • GOOSE – weaven terras table – 1Li

  • GOOSE – Lavendel pot – 2Li

6 pillow textures

sit & drink animations


Little Branch – LaurelBay Tree available at Shiny Shabby

Bay laurel is an aromatic evergreen tree in the flowering Lauraceae family. It features shiny, dark green oval-shaped leaves with a leathery texture that are popularly used as a kitchen seasoning. Standing in ceramic pots atop a wood stand or enclosed in a wood container, these plants will look amazing in your home. 

These 100% original mesh creations are highly detailed with realistic textures resulting in a true, life-like appearance.

Includes :

  • LB_LaurelBayTree*GreyPot – 6Li

  • LB_LaurelBayTree*GreenPot – 6Li

  • LB_LaurelBayTree*BluePot – 6Li

  • LB_LaurelBayTree*WoodenBox – 8Li


In the pic :

  • [ zerkalo ] Winter Cozy – Coffee Set – 1Li

  • DaD – Climbing Ivy – 2Li






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