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Papa Bonedea Interactive Voodoo Doll

MADPEA – Papa Bonedea Interactive Voodoo Doll available at Uber

Have a little bit of fun and maybe curse your friends or enemies with a few pin sticks into MadPea’s Papa Bonedea Interactive Voodoo Doll!

To use, add/wear the doll and give him a click. You will see instructions in local/nearby chat. If there are other avatars in range, you will get a pop-up menu of victims to choose from. Choose who you would like to put a spell on and wait for them to accept the animation permissions.

Once permissions are accepted, you will be given five minutes to stick up to 5 pins in your doll, animating your victim. With each location you choose from the menu, your avatar will be animated to stick the doll and a pin will appear in the appropriate location.

Set :

  • MadPea Papa Bonedea (add) – 6Li

  • MadPea Papa Bonedea Coffin Box (decor) – 2Li

The MadPea Papa Bonedea is 100% original mesh created by the MadPea Team

In the pic :

  • DD Fortune Teller Table

  • DD Crystal Ball

  • DD Gypsy Art Frame

  • DD Fortune Teller Book Decor

  • DD Old Silver Candelabra

  • Astralia – Tarot session (Poster)




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