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Les Memoires

DaD – Les Memoires Cozy Living Set for UBER

Simple comfort mixing modern elegance and rustic.

The “Les Memoires Cozy Living Set” set is styled after some of the characteristics of furniture during the period of Louis XVI.

The sofa and armchair are crafted with a sturdy wood base supported by curved and spindle legs. 

The fabric is a neutral earthy off-white color patterned with delicate swirl designs. Fluffy pillows and throws add the perfect touch to bring you comfort when you have a need to just sit and relax. The favorite feature? Is the long ottoman attached to the sofa, which is just enough length to prop your legs or for those delicious snacks you will want to grab and place nearby.

The final two pieces in the set are the blue vintage rug and the beautifully wood carved lamp with the shade in the same pattern as the sofa and chair.

  • DaD “Les Memoires Cozy Sofa” – 14Li

  • DaD “Les Memoires Cozy Armchair” – 7Li

  • DaD “Les Memoires Vintage blue rug” – 2Li

  • DaD “Les Memoires Wooden floor lamp” – 3Li


Lamp by touch on/off light, choose intensity, light colors, access.







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