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Halloween in B&W

Astralia – Rustic Lace Curtains available at Uber

Rustic Curtains come with or without lace in double and single version.

  • Astralia – Rustic Lace Curtains (Alpha Blending) Single

with texture change

Copy/ Mody

MudHoney – Lita Ottomans available at the Mainstore

In the package:

  • Lita Ottoman

    – Brights, Neutrals, Patterns, and Fatpack

  • Lita Tray

    – texture change


MudHoney – Lia Hanging Bed Set available at the Mainstore

In the package:

  • MudHoney Lia Hanging Bed (adult and pg versions)

  • MudHoney Lia Breakfast Tray

  • MudHoney Lia Lantern – Large

  • MudHoney Lia Lantern – Medium

  • MudHoney Lia Lantern – Small

  • MudHoney Lia Table


MudHoney – Layla Cabinet Set available at the Mainstore

In the package:

  • Layla Cabinets

    -9 colors

    -4 land impact

  • Layla Stools

    -10 colors

    -14 single animations

    -2 land impact

  • Layla Pottery

    -1 land impact each

    -comes in a set


What Next – Trick or Treat Pumpkins available at the Mainstore and on Marketplace

A set of Halloween themed decorative/painted-style pumpkins. You can make them larger or smaller, to decorate outside or a table centrepiece or just to decorate the porch.


  • 8 single pumpkins

  • 1 tower of three pumpkins

Original Mesh


Home :

VARONIS – Dornenburg Scene – 353Li





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